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    Has anyone managed to connect the GLD with a Windows PC via Midi over TCP?
    I tried with rtpMidi which is a Windows implementation of the Apple Midi Protocol. Without success…

    My GLD has static IP in the subnet
    My Laptop uses IP in the same subnet. The GLD midi documentation says, that a client should listen to Port 51325. So I created a virtual Midi Port on my laptop with rtpMidi on address and tried to connect to the GLD with address
    Without success….

    Has anyone an idea?

    My goal is to control the software “Show cue system” (similar to Q-Lab) with a softkey from the GLD (run next cue).

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards,

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    My understanding is that rtp-midi is an implementation of midi over RTP not TCP. Can it be configured to run over TCP?

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    It seems to be a proprietary Protocol of A&H. There exists a “A&H TCP MIDI DRIVER V1.0 INSTALLER FOR MAC” you can find in software download section of GLD on A&H website. But on same site there is the hint “Please note that Windows PC drivers are currently not available.”

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    Hi, thanks for your answers.

    It sounds logical that rtpMidi implements Midi via RTP and not TCP, although I don’t fully understand the difference, but seem to be different protocols. I will have a deeper reading about the difference. I’m wondering if it is really a proprietary protocol, because why reinvent the wheel? TCP as also Midi are standards as far as I know…

    It would be really great if someone from A&H could bring some details about how Midi via TCP is handled by the GLD or is the Midi implementation document and the info that a client should listen to port 51325 everything we need to know to get it to work?
    Which protocol is used? TCP?

    There has been a blog post from Nicola that they are investigating on the usability of rtpMidi for Windows users. Is there a follow up? Why do the Windows users have a lower priority for A&H compared to Mac? (no DAW driver, no Midi…)

    The GLD really is a great console, but not all features have reached the goal where they could be…

    I keep up trying to get the GLD <-> Windows midi communication to work and will share my findings.

    Best regards,

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