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    Hello everyone.
    Is it a fact that GLD has reached End of Life? I saw a post somewhere, but it disappeared quickly. Some people also told me the End of Life news. I’m at a point to choose a digital eco-system. SQ is great, but I’m missing the combination of running 96KHz with 3x DX168, together with ME1’s and Dante. Yes, there is the ME-U hub, connecting over Dante. But that solution costs me to much extra. D-live surely would be the system to go, but it’s above the budget. GLD should than be the choice, but to me it has become an older system. I want to star up to date. And we see the move to 96KHz. So Allen & Heath… can I make the wish for the new G-live? 🙂
    King regards, Alain.

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    For me GLD is a great desk… i have gld112, now in assistence for display problem and i miss it very much.
    I have a sq6 but no editor offline no minisplay large…and no deesser and compressor the i pay ( in gld 112 i have).
    But Of course, the technology of the sq is certainly more advanced.
    G-Live? bhaaa…

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    The GLD is disappearing from stores, local one can’t order it anymore from the distributer, so I guess AH already stopped producing them. Some stores have them on stock and getting rid of the for cheap money.

    It depends on what you need from the console.
    GLD is a very very versatile mixing desk, with the same FX like the iLive and some from the dLive (Multiband, Deesser, dbx 160 simulations) and can be used in any kind of application, either FOH, monitoring, conference, etc.

    The SQ is still missing a lot of features that are normal on an X32 for instance, and recently AH started charging SQ users for Deep processing plugins, like the before mentioned DBX emulations, GEQ, and these cost pretty penny too.

    If you compared them side by side, only thing that makes SQ more desirable is the 96khz sample rate, and that’s about it, under the hood it’s a powerful system, but at the current state it’s 5 years behind with the firmware. Also the lack of buttons and rotaries makes its workflow cumbersome, compared to GLD.

    I guess AH will implement some of the stuff from dLive, but it will take time and won’t be cheap either.

    I still see Yamaha M7CL’s around, so I see no problems with using a console that’s not manufactured anymore.

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    Something’s gone wrong with my posts, so I’m typing again and attaching a small comparison sheet between the GLD and the SQ as of OCT 2018:

    GLD - SQ comparison

    other stuff from the iLive/GLD era is still there like 12 stage phaser, flanger, chorus, but I doubt these are used that often, so they are not in the table, GLD has them all, SQ has none.

    Also SQ has no mono matrixes, only stereo, and other stuff – if you sniff thru the SQ forums, you’ll see people complaining about the lack of features on SQ.

    Almost forgot, the GLD has a show-scene-snapshot control, where SQ has only scenes, so if you need snapshots for theater cues or song changes within the touring band, forget about the SQ for now, maybe they’ll implement it later, although GLD has it all…

    ps: Actually hpf is 12/18/24 on the GLD

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    Mike Storm

    All good points. They also have different workflow, for example separate banks of faders on GLD. And different accessory modules (madi, ethersound). But remember GLD was over 6k €/$ a few years ago, without stageboxes (and only 4 preamps)! How can you expect SQ to have everything for this price?
    SQ already has better sound, lower latency, 96k Dante. I also like the fact that you can run a single cable to a hub on stage and plug in several stageboxes. GLD would only give you 32 inputs on a single cable.
    And if the development of GLD, Qu, dLive is anything to go by, you will see SQ growing with every firmware release. That’s what I call a sound investment 🙂

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    Hi everyone,

    GLD is really a very good desk, but all good things must have an end (french expression) :-/
    So I think we’ll never see sidechain external key on GLD’s compressors :-((((

    Just to precise :

    GLD would only give you 32 inputs on a single cable

    No, you can have up to 40 input and 20 output with a single RJ45 cat5, by using an AR2412 + an Ab168 on the AR2412 exp port.

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    I am looking for a live mixer for our band
    I am a bit confused on what mixer to take for that.
    Is it better to use a GLD for that purpose or would SQ be a better choice?

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    I find it interesting that some manufacturers want to EOL digital consoles while keeping analog mixers in the line that were there in the 90’s or maybe older.

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    I am looking for a live mixer for our band
    I am a bit confused on what mixer to take for that.
    Is it better to use a GLD for that purpose or would SQ be a better choice?

    It depends on your needs and your budget. If you can give more specifics about your band, number of inputs needed, who is going to run the mixer, etc, we can give a better answer.

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    Thanks for your help.

    We’re a 6 person rock cover band ( singer, 2x Guitar, Keys, Bass, Drums)

    I would prefer mimimum 24 inputs.

    The mixer will be run be a sound technician.

    Budget up to 4000 Euro.

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    Hi Gerard,

    SQ provides to handle 48 input chanels and 12 MixOuts (mono or stereo)
    Only regarding your number of inputs SQ would be sufficiant.
    However what’s about the need of MixOuts. Do you use 6 stereo IEM you would have 6 mono or stereo mixes left, that’s mostly enough.

    SQ has everything onboard you need to run a show and the console sounds great.
    However improvements in sound might be possible to use the compressor PlugIns but you need to purchase them extra.
    Therefore an SQ-5 or SQ-6 is far below 4.000 EUR.

    best regards,

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