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    I know that this request won’t serve the entire community, but I am curious if there are other parties who would benefit from a GLD remote app that resembles the desktop editor GUI. Periodically, I find that I want to dive deeper into the menus while working on stage. With the current GLD remote, the GUI is user friendly (mostly) and accomplishes 80% of what I need. However, in some situations, I could really benefit from having access to more features on the iPad.

    I have found myself in venues where the trip between FOH and the stage (especially when working with theater) is substantial. I have to prioritize and schedule trips based on the tasks I know I can accomplish with features on the iPad. If I need to relabel channel strips, re-assign i/o, change scene settings, etc., I have to make those changes when I return to FOH. It’s definitely not a deal breaker…but when you are working onstage with the iPad, it can be enticing to think about the potential convenience.

    I have considered setting up my laptop with the editor running and then screen-sharing with our iPad. I haven’t tried this yet, so maybe someone with experience can evaluate how effective this actually is in the field. If I’m missing a step here or overlooked app features, let me know.

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    There are workarounds for some of that stuff. Channel strips can be relabeled in the preamp tab of the iPad app (tap on the label). You can also put softkeys on custom layers and use those to change scenes.

    Agree that routing, I/O and (most importantly to me) FX processor settings would be really nice to have from iPad. Also, in an install situation like my church, having multiple user profiles (or even more custom layers) available would be really nice since we have multiple techs using the same iPad on different days.

    Then again, I wish I could mute channels not assigned to fader banks on the desktop editor the way I can on the iPad…

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    Mike Storm

    Have you considered a Windows touch laptop or 2-in-1 for wireless mixing using GLD Editor?

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    I have an X201 Tablet working nicely, it is much heavier and bulkier than an ipad, but it’s also a proper laptop for when you aren’t walking around with it. I have an old Samsung NC10 which is perfectly fine for carrying around in one hand, though the screen res is too small to see the whole editor window it’s still useful for adjusting monitor mixes using alt – drag to view the bottom half of the editor window.

    I haven’t used an ipad with the GLD yet, I’ll have to borrow one and try it out. 🙂


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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