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    Hi dear GLD Users,

    I am considering buying a GLD 80 for small band live mixing, and home studio use. For the home studio use, I pay a lot of attention to the fan noise.

    Can someone comment on this, based on experience? Is the fan noise of the GLD 80 (or 112) noticeable in a quiet studio environnement?

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    Don’t think it’s very loud. Not objectionable. You should have spent years with me in a big room with RADARS, Avid 192’s, MACS, etc. something you just had to deal with. They all add up.

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    You’re very unlikely to notice it. I will occasionally notice the fan in an AR84, but that’s a 40mm fan in a 1U device, so will be spinning much faster.


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    Great discussion!
    The fan in an AR84 is really noticable!
    They scream [In my opinion]
    The fan in the power supply of the GSR is loud as well!
    One of my imac’s is very quiet! Wonderful!
    MacBook Pros can scream loaded up.
    Of course the QU tange is brilliantly silent!

    I’m interested in knowing about the fans in the GLD112
    Maybe about to purchase one!

    Do the fans allways rotate and are they variable speed?

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    Ok thanks you all for the feedback. For instance I have in my home studio QSC amplified speakers, and I can tell their fans are really noticeable when the musicians are quiet.

    I will try to listen to GLD 80 in action to figure out before buying, but as I understand from you all, it should’nt be a big deal.

    Just wondering how for instance MIDAS M32 manages to have no (apparent) fan when the GLD needs one.

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    Scott A&H

    We have a lot of GLD mixers in studios and have never had a negative comment on fan noise.
    The fan is variable and driven via a thermostat. If your studio’s ambient temp is not high then the fan will stay on the lower speed.
    Yes, the fans are always on.

    Support A&H.

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    Both fans in my GLD-80 are whisper quiet at idle. Once the console heats up they kick in, but still extremely quiet.

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