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    I’m running SQ-7.

    I can record 16 multitrack channels, but am having issues playing back through board channels. Can someone direct me?

    Also, trying to be able to talk back to ME-1 boxes but dont see ability in the Talkback screen. Only sends to 12 Aux, Main, and 3 Mtx. I tried send through Mtx1, but it wont send to ME boxes.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Joel,

    You need to assign the USB to the input channels in the IO page. Select Inputs > Input Channels on the left and USB on the top. You should also make sure the USB source is assigned to SQ-Drive here.

    You had the right idea for talkback to the ME system. You need to assign the talkback to a mix, then send this mix to the ME system. This way, you can use the talkback system as normal, or you could route the talkback input directly to the ME’s and use a switch microphone.


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    So I’m able to record 16 selected channels for multitrack. Just having an issue playing back through those selected channels. When I select IO>input>input channels>USB>select the 16 channels I want to playback from the recording. It deselects the input for the local which is set up for my mains. Is there another way to get the recorded channels to playback through the exact same channels without affecting the input for live PA?

    Any way you can step me through the process of setting the talkback mic through the ME’s?


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    Søren Steinmetz

    If you record say channel 1 on USB, then when you patch USB 1 to channel 1 in the I/O screen, you change the “cable” to that channel from the live input to the USB input.

    If you only use 16 channels, you could patch the 16 USB to channel 17-32 instead. OR you could make an I/O library with Live inputs and another with USB inputs (that is what I have done on my SQ5, with USB-B 32 channels)

    As for patching the TB to the ME’s:
    One way could be (if you have a switched mic): I/O > Tie Lines >on the ME tab: Local > local talk > patch the TB to one of the ME “channels”

    Søren / Soren

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