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    Anyone using the gate for vocals on their SQ? Would be vocal singing and speech (pastor).

    If so, some basic setting would be appreciated!

    Or is the gate a drum thing only?

    I was thinking even to keep set noise down with the vocal mics…sometimes if the sound tech forgets to mute the unused channels, you can hear the musicians whisper on the live stream. A gate would help that, no?

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    One missing thing on all A&H consoles is an expander as an option for the channel gate. Expanders are my preferred tool for cleaning unwanted noise from a channel.
    But no expander means you have to use the gate. Since vocals have a bigger dynamic range than, lets say drums, you have to find a threshold which is high enough to eliminate unwanted noise or wispers, but low enough to let thesoft spoken words pass the gate. Use also larger values for hold and release time to avoid a „flickering“ gate.

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    Thanks. This sounds good, I’ll give it a go.


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    Mike C

    Also try a low gate depth/attenuation, maybe 6 to 8 db.
    Overall gates on vocal mics generally do not work very well and even less
    so on spoken word mics.

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    Gates on vocals are never a good idea……no matter how carefully you set them, you will, at some stage, get words clipped.

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