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    Can anybody explain to me, why “normal” mono-channels in the A&H QU 16 have a gain range up to +60dB, and the stereo channels only up to +24 dB? When I want to playback something from my mobile phone mp3 player, it is not loud enough sometimes. I have to increase the gain to maximum +24dB and to increase the fader to a very high position also. What is the reason for this discrepance? And is there a way to increase the input level of the stereo mp3 player, connected with a bluetooth reciever
    to the A&H Qu 16?
    Thanks for help!

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    I don’t have a unit here to test but I’m assuming it’s that way since the logic is you’d be using line level signals on ST 1-3. When using a stage box you can use inputs for mics. So I’m guessing in dSnake mode you get 60db and local you get 24. I’ll have to verify that later.

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    On the QU-Pad app, ST1-3 has gain settings from -24db to +24db when set to local & mono channels have a range from -5db to +60db.

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    O.k., I did a little bit investigations now. It is true, that the XLR inputs are Mic-Inputs with sensitivity -60 to +5 dBu on XLR plug and -50 to +15 dBu on TRS plug, gain -5 to +60dB. The ST1-3 TRS input has sensitivity +4 and trim possibility +/- 24 dB. My bluetooth receiver has output 4 dBm. So, when this is to quietly, the mp3-stuff must be to quiet. So there are to conceivable solution for me:
    – Is there a technical possibility to increase the input signal level from BT-receiver to ST 1-3 input of the A&H? For example a preamplifier? Do you know somesthing about this?
    – I have to oncrease the loudness of the mp3’s, for example with a DAW like Cubase… import the mp3 and maximize the loudness…

    Do you have any ideas abput this?

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    The thing is those stereo channels are made to receive much higher voltage signals than mic channels.therefore they dont need to boost so much.

    You could use the compressor(will affect sound and become noisier) or plug into the mono channels to get more gain but ultimately you need to get the signal louder, using bluetooth already chews up the signal… maybe an airport express(has aux out) through wifi. Use wired if you can and make sure source is at a normal level


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    O.k., compressor is an idea to make it a little bit louder… I can play around a little bit with it…

    To plug into the mono channels was an idea from me also, but I only have the QU 16, and slowly I get on the limit with the channels… (5 micros, bass, 2 guitars, keyboard with to stereochannels, drums). Perhaps I should plug in my Nordstage 2 to the ST 1 and ST2. I think, this would be loud enough… I have to try, and so I would get 4 mono-channels free 🙂

    Wired is a problem, because I use my android phone to play some mp3’s to the A&H, when we practice new songs, just to hear it some times before playing it ourselves. And my keyboard is 5 m off to the A&H mixer 🙂

    I don’t know, how to use the apple airport express with wifi… is it possible to use with an android device also? I don’t think so… And I am not sure, that it is possible to send music over wifi with an android device… always thought, this is only possible via bluetooth…

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