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    Hi there,

    I thought I ran into the Mute+Click issue, but then I was unable to reproduce it. Running 1.4 here. I’ll keep an eye on it.

    If the time for the 48V being stable on the preamp should be predictable, why shouldn’t the firmware make the channel silent for that little while automatically when the PP is switched on? This would work around all kinds of issues.

    Another thing is: Turning the gain knob with phantom power on produces a click noise per db with the channel open. This is also somewhat annoying. After all, re-adjusting the gain with the channel open is not so uncommon.

    Furthermore, the preamps are quite noisy compared to my 01V96i – quick test with a Rode M2 vocal mic – the Rodes usually are rather quiet themselves – silence on the 91V96i, audible noise on the Qu-16. Also the noise on LR is quite noticeable even when LR is muted.

    Edit: I did a fair comparison with a ZED10FX and my Qu-16, additionally with the 01V96i: Rode M2 lined-up quite exactly to 0db. Having only that one channel open to unity, main also set to unity. Then I exactly leveled out the two A&Hs on my 01V96i (which has a fine-grained meter on the display with peak hold). Result: The Qu-16 has some noise, but it’s bearable. The ZED10 however is less noisy.  While the 01V96i with LR muted and monitor level knob turned fully clockwise produces about the same noise level than the Qu-16, its preamps still remain very silent in comparison.

    But still, concerning the gain clicks while PP is on: Is this normal or is there something wrong with the Qu-16 I have?


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