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    I’ve been trying to use the gain assistant with a mic input.

    The gain keeps on increasing way past feedback level. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Does the feedback assistant need to be calibrated first?

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    KeithJ A&H


    Generally, you would set gain before sending level to any outputs (using send faders) so you won’t run into any issues with feedback.
    Note that feedback will actually prevent the Auto Set function from working correctly, as it will be trying to get the feedback (and not the intended source) up to the right level!
    Once the gain is set (using the Gain Assistant or manually) you can then turn up send levels and/or output levels.

    You can also, once gains are set, use the Feedback Assistant as described in the user guide –,-361,555


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    So you’re supposed to use the gain assistant with the outputs muted?

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    For best practice yes.
    Fortunately with digital consoles those times doing “one two check check…” loud into the PA are over.
    You can achieve it even with just the selected input muted.

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    Just got the 18T. My gain assist is not working at all. on every channel. Sometime it will go you 1db and stop.

    When I set the gain manually the channel works fine.

    Also channels 2 & 14, using the same mic and gain settings, outputs to Logic Pro much louder that all other channels.

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    Salc … I had a similar issue with gain assist. I found that if the signal from the mic/d.i. is very weak or low the gain assist doesn’t work. Happened with our bass player trying out a new d.i. Once he turned the gain up on his D.I. a little bit, then gain assist worked fine. Maybe that helps?

    not sure about channels 2 & 14 being louder… strange… Wish you luck!

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