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    I’m still looking for a workable workflow for the gain adjustment of the microphone channels at the Selfmade Soundcheck with a multitrack recording.
    In front: I am a frontman, play guitar and sing in my band and am also responsible for the soundcheck and livemix at the show – so no extra FoH engineer.
    How do I proceed.
    I use the QU-16 complete with the I-PAD app – QU-Pad (1.9). We play with e-drum, key, bass, guitars – all signals (DI) directly into the console (no amps)
    Via the QU-16 stereo playback feature I play a reference song from the USB SSD of the QU- To adjust the PA (graphic and parametric EQ if required) and the 3 acoustic monitors to a basic level.
    check and gain setting of the microphone channels, monitoring monitoring
    via Multitrack Playback Feature (source USB – gain of all microphone channels 0db) of the QU-16, I play part of the last live show to adjust the sound via PA / Monitor
    The band take the Soundcheck, 1-2 Songs with Multitrack recording feature of Qu.-16 Source recording -> postpreamp
    Via the Multitrack Playback feature (Source USB – Gain of all microphone channels 0db) of the QU-16 I play the songs I just recorded To adjust the sound via PA / monitors. At this point, I have a problem when one or more microphone channels have to be adjusted at the input gain – the real adjustment would have to be done at the analog input amplifier, but currently the channels are set to USB input. The only way I can see now is to readjust input gain of the channels (USB input), set sound, soundcheck done -> then
    compare gain setting (USB source) per channel – if not equal 0db (that was the default at the beginning) Then I have to change the gain in the analog input of the channel by the same difference – is there a better way?

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    It seems to me you’re approaching it from the wrong point. If everything is non-amp DI’d I would determine once the setting inputgain needs for a given volumesetting on a virtual amp (bass. guitar, whatever) and make sure that particular “amp” is always at that volume. You could even set inputgain at O dB and adjust the “ampvolume” so that gain is correct and again make sure that amp is always on that volume.

    From there it seems to me you wouldn’t need to trim the recordinglevels anymore or am I missing something here ?


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    My problem is the input gain leveling at the vocal mic’s. We have 4 vocals and the input level at step “2” is not the same as in step “4”. And now in step “5” I have to set the final level of the vocal mics, but without the real vocal, I have to use the playback only …

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    Gosh!, My head hurts after reading what you have been going through…..
    I would sugggest ditching the idea of using the USB recording for a soundcheck…
    it is a clever idea, and probably works for some but it is never going to be the same once the concert starts.
    Singers almost never sing at the same level when comparing soundcheck and performance. Bass players get louder and so do guitarists. I am not poking fun of any particular musician, it’s just not a good way to do a legitimate soundcheck, or should I say,. line check. Your very best option for good sound quality is to hire someone with decent ears and some knowledge about mixing sound, if you don’t have anyone around that has those qualities and is available, then just get someone who knows your music and can be taught by you, how to balance the instruments and vocals to your liking.

    I would suggest going around town and listening to some other groups when they play out live, check out their sound, and if they have a sound operator that seems to do a good job, ask what he/she would charge, I think you might be surprised at how reasonable he/she might be to mix your sound.

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    Hire a pro to mix your shows, at least a couple of times, and have them save the settings. Maybe then it will be better.

    I am a pro live sound mixer, and I cannot imagine how someone on stage can have any idea what it is like out in the house mix!

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    Dpd an and Lou, thanks and You are both right, all concerns and explanations are authorized and I am aware and also aware and if possible, we also book a mixing man. In the meantime, however, I have also mixed some of our performances (have to mix) and would like to know about my concerns regarding QU-16 in this forum contribution.
    Many thanks and greetings from Germany

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