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    New happy QU 24 owner here (so far) but not used with digital consoles at all (as you will understand when reading this..). Right now I have got three monitor system working through mix out 1,2 and 3 after some head scratching. But can I assign different/new customized fx for all channels to each monitor systems to get the musicians happy (i.e. not always the same as the FOH fx if this is possible). I know there are 4 engines but not really sure how to manage these yet (or are these like 4 patches that I have to stick with regarding all fx on FOH and monitors maybe..)? I´m reading the manual back and forth but I just don´t get it up to now. I would love to have some real life examples on this. step by step. Maybe this will be out there on Youtube etc sooner or later. I will probably understand more within some time when getting more used to the board, but I´m in a little hurry here to get at least some fx in the monitors (if so the same type as the FOH if this is the way to go, but with less amount of the fx than up front for sure). If someone can chime in and give me some kind of step by step instructions, this will be very much appreciated.

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    Use FX buttons then send each desired channel amount to that FX.

    For FX>mix busses. Select the mix buss then select the top layer button. Bring up FX return as desired for return amount. Do that for each buss.

    So the idea is your input channels are sending to the FX then you go to each buss and bring up the return amount for that buss on layer 3 or 1 whichever you consider it. The top row.

    Hope that helps.

    Mid America Communications AV.

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