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    To Whom it May Concern:

    I am a very new, proud if not intimidated owner of a CQ-18T digital mixer, selecting/purchasing that device based on the “apparent” ease of use for the non-technical musician…and I have just begun to attempt to set it up/utilize said device…

    I am experiencing significant challenges in setting up and utilizing the “FX.”/effects function(s) of the mixer…and currently using only the “A”/”B” headphone outputs to monitor my progress…

    1. Will the CQ-18T allow the simultaneous function of MORE than ONE effect applied to a given signal input?
    2. IF so, how does one set up the mixer to allow for a given signal source to be simultaneously processed by multiple effects…?
    3. It is very unclear to me how utilize the both the “Shared” and the “Inserted” effects, as it appears to me that some of the effects are designed to by utilized in the “Shared” mode, and other effects appear to be designed to function in the “Inserted” mode…or, from my limited experience, only appear to function/(output a signal), when in one or the other mode…

    I avidly look forward to any and all suggestions/recommendations/advice regarding assisting me as to how to properly set up/utilize this technical wonder…and in advance thank you for your input…


    P.S. What recommendations do you have for clear, concise but relatively slow video tutorials for the novice user of the CQ-18T…?…

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    Hi man! Greetings from Germany.
    It could help you to look at how mix buses work as a general concept. There are a load of tutorial videos on YouTube.

    Digital mixers simulate what would happen with an analogue mixer.
    The “shared” mode of effects on the CQ simulate an effect on a mix bus.This means you can send different levels of each channel to the mix bus for varying amount of the same effect on each channel.

    The “insert” mode simulates wiring an effect unit in-line or series into the channel strip itself, so the effect only works uniquely with that channel.

    You only have 4 effect engines on the CQ, although there are more than 4 effects algorithms which you can assign to these 4 engines.

    Each engine can be Inserted or shared, independent of which effect algorithm it is running.

    Since you only have 4 engines, using insert mode effectively burns one of your 4 options on a single channel, so think carefully before using an insert. You can achieve almost the same using it in shared mode, but it leaves that same effect available for other channels.

    Using your headphones could be confusing you… travelling at the moment so can’t check the routing myself, but the effects by default route to the main LR outputs. That could be confusing things for you. Try wiring a speaker to the main outs so it operates as intended.

    Good luck!


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    As a more direct answer to your question about how to have more than one effect at the same time on a given channel, it is simpler to start by just using shared mode on all 4 effect engines. From the effect layer, select an effect then go to the “sends” sub screen, increase the dial for the corresponding channel you want to have the effect.
    Do the same for the other effects engines, increasing the corresponding send dial of the same channel. This gives you all 4 effects working on the same channel.

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