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    How we set up our Qu-16 is that we run it through a Snake. We connected out Main speaker to Mix 1; Sub woofer to Mix 2; and monitors to mix 3 and mix 4.

    I am trying to add effects but i believe the FX1 and FX 2 Buses only go through the LR. Is there a way to have add effects into out Main Speaker which is in Mix 1?

    I am able to add the FX with i’m using the insert function but that’s not always ideal especially for vocals.

    Thank you!

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    Curious why you’re not running your mains on the LR. That’s why it’s there.

    But. Select Mix 1. Then go to upper level where masters are. Look and see if the FX returns are up. If not bring them up. That puts FX into those mixes.

    Now the FX has to be sent from somewhere. It’s usually from the faders POST in the LR mix mode. Those will need to be up.

    Your Mix 1 and up are usually pre fader. Have you addressed that. This is an unusual setup.

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    unusual setup for sure, things make so much more sense if they are hooked up as intended and designed.
    If your mains are mono, just use the left or right output, and a separate mono mix for subs. Easy peezy. 🙂

    For a small mixing system without many outputs, this was somewhat a common thing to do back in the day because the left and right main outs were saved for stereo recording.

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    Dick Rees

    I assume you’re trying some kind of “aux fed subs”. Question:

    Where/what is your crossover? Is it in the amp rack, in an amp DSP or part of a powered speaker system?

    You need to be aware that in such a setup the acoustic crossover point will vary with the signal level sent to the subs, rising (and possibly over-lapping your tops) as you increase the feed to the subs. This does not yield the best results and pushed to the extreme will cause some real trouble around the (attempted) crossover point.

    If you have no crossover, all this is moot. You need one and attempting to use EQ and/or HPF doesn’t really work.

    I would strongly advise you to use the Main L/R outs for your speakers, use a real crossover and forget the aux fed subs for now. If you need more LF in your setup, get more subs or turn your tops down to match the subbage you have.

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    In case Dick is right, I’ll just add this link to another thread: Use LR Output as HiPass + 1 Mix out for Sub
    There are further threads exactly describing why EQs can not replace a real crossover.

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