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    Anything to shortcut the number of clicks is what I am after.
    Could we please have the PEQ above/behind when selecting the mix select keys or the FX buttons on the right side of the master strip?
    Rather than having to go to upper fader strip and select FX return to get to the PEQ return. (that’s 3 clicks and flying faders and then 2 more clicks to get back to the FX send TAB with more flying faders)

    At the moment I can see that the same area is blank and of course I know that’s the “input key TAB”

    As a thought to prevent confusion this could be labeled FX RETURN PEQ
    That’s 2 clicks and you are already in that FX send TAB

    Just an idea to shortcut the constant flying faders.

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    I forgot to add…
    I do know that in custom layer mode, if a channel/fader strip is selected for the return of FX, the PEG is right there on that fader strip.
    However I’m sure I am not alone in wanting as many channels for mic inputs as possible.
    Maybe this is where an outboard fader controller like a BCF2000 would come in handy? NA!
    The mixer is what it is!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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