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    Disclaimer: Not a professional; QU-SB + iPad only.

    Question 1:
    Task: add reverb to the Mix9-10 which is going to our podcast. I’m assuming that I do the following from FX Backpanel–
    1. Choose Mix->Return
    2. Choose Mix9-10 (called ‘Stream’ in my picture below
    3. Make sure FX4 Ret is 0
    4. Make sure FX4 Send is 0

    So is this how you patch a reverb into a channel and to individually add reverb for each instrument?

    Mixer Fx Routing

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    I can’t see your picture.

    Is this reverb also being used for anything else at the same time?

    I’ll guess not for now……

    There’s more than one way to do this, but here’s what I’d (probably) do.

    1/. On back panel choose FX4 to be send/return as normal.
    2/. On FX4 return, un-assign from L&R by de-selecting the green “On” button (and to avoid accidental stuff happening, I’d also un-assign from everything else except Mix 9&10)
    3/. Set the FX4 return’s send to Mix 9&10 as post fade but de-selecting the yellow “Pre” button, and put the fader at 0dB (as a stating point – you may want to change this when you hear the results)

    4/. Then the amount of each instrument that wants reverb can be sent to the FX unit in the normal way.
    5/. The overall amount of this reverb reaching Mix 9&10 can be adjusted with the (main L&R) fader on the return channel, but will not be heard anywhere else.

    Hope this is clear!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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