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    The lack of updates is an announcement of its elimination from the production line?A pity, it’s a great console

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    Who knows, perhaps a replacement will be announced. Infocomm is only a little over a week and a half away.

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    I think the SQ is the succesor to both QU and GLD, combining worst from both consoles 🙂

    The Deep fx from GLD/iLive is now possible to use on SQ, with the clumsy QU like workflow and knob count, and also seems like an M32 killer. AH just put out 48in/16out stagebox that can be used with both SQ and dLive, and I think the GLD is basically slowly getting discontinued. Not sure if you can buy a new GLD anywhere, Thomann sold it’s stocks within the last year, only some B-stock GLD 112s left..

    I have been watching one website that has mostly used audio and lighting stuff based in Germany, and last year, when I bought my GLD80, there were not that many consoles and the prices where more or less the same, now you can pick up a used GLD80 flight cased with 2412 and 0804 flight cased for 3000euros (vat included). That’s a bargain.

    Too bad the m-Dante cards don’t show up often on second hand market, and they still hold the price…

    BTW mixing my touring band withing two months on a festival headlining in prime time with the GLD80, last time they played it, attendance was 117 000 😉
    Now only if I had a m-Dante to try to dial in the reverbs at home with live tracks and experiment with reverb setups….

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    Branimir, thanks for the post. I’m considering replacing the GLD with another AH console. Would you not consider the SQ? And what did you mean when you referred to the QU like workflow being clumsy.


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    QU without the stagebox has “one on one” patching, that means that input one is on channel one, and you cannot duplicate inputs.

    Also, no scribble scripts, so a bit clumsy to work around in layers and where is what.
    USB pen drive support is horrible.
    Other than that it has more or less the same features like the GLD, the reverbs and delays, not sure about the multiband or 16T compressor per channel, and it sounds okay, but it’s an entry level console, from build quality to features, it has that “custom” layer, where on GLD you can basically set the layers any way you want, inputs, outputs, fx returns, vca’s, just drag and drop.

    SQ – I did not have too many experience with it to judge it – how it sounds, all I can say, in the earlier versions of the firmware, it was a bit slow to run around, I think they implemented the “follow” option, that is – when you select a channel and – for instance want to adjust the eq, the screen will automatically switch to the eq window, if you start to rotate the compressor’s knob, it will go into compressor window, etc etc…

    There is a lot of hype regarding the 96k operation, and seems like everybody is swallowing it.
    Bear in mind that all the “deep” stuff going on in the “rack” of the SQ (reverbs, delays, multibands, dyn eq, etc) are as old as iLive, and are present on the GLD also, so I’m guessing everything is downsampled to 48k anyways 😀 😀

    SQ series is pretty compact, can be expanded to 48 channels, has some nice things from the dLive, and all the usual stuff from iLive/GLD deep processing, and I see some bands tour with it also. Maybe someone could chime on the sound quality, since that is the only thing that’s prevailing, since processing has been proved on other consoles before.
    I bought my GLD for cheap money, and I don’t mind it being discontinued, there are still rental companies working with the Yamaha PM5D, so why not? If it works and sounds good, it is good!

    Last year, the SQ did not have anything from the deep processing, and it was a turn off for me, nowadays, why not? If you want new, with warranty, it is the next closest thing to GLD from AH.

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    Thanks Branimir

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    SQ mobile apps is worse than Qu tho better than GLD series. The setting on SQ mobile apps is quite limited (and I think that’s the reason they haven’t released a rack/pac version) tho a bit more flexible than GLD. Soundwise I think the onboard pre-amp is quite similar with GLD while there is a perceived difference when you use the DX stagebox as the input/output. Interface wise is more akin to QU than GLD/Dlive and it doesn’t have “follow” interface as Branimir stated (or maybe I might be missing it on the settings).

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    SQ sounds better than the QU and the old iLive
    but I can’t compare it to the GLD

    I give the advise to test it by yourself, the workflow is not that bad…
    it depends… as always

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