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    Maurits Thiel

    Hello A&H / @nicola.
    After spending a few hundred extra hours behind the gld i have a new list of suggestions:
    1: 48V, in preamp pull-out menu, create a possibility to change the 48V switch from hold, to press to activate.
    When using a lot of condensers it takes a lot of time to activate.
    2: Panning: Show the channel panning in the overview screen, not just in the routing screen.
    3: Meter ballistics, especially for the peak meters above the faders.
    4: Softkey led’s: a possibility to have the softkey led on when assigned to Scene previous / next / go.
    Best case scenario would be to have ta choice in led status no matter the softkey function.
    I use the desk mainly in theatreshows with a lot of full blackouts, so no desk lights, finding my GO is crucial 🙂
    5: Trim control for the USB recorder, I’m not able to spend a buss on that because its allready maxed out.
    6: Talkback, The option to patch the talkback (post talk button) to an output (local or D-snake) for a shoutbox.
    Here i dont have the ability to spend a buss on this either.
    7: Buss spill: as mentioned before on the forum, buss spill like on avid or midas would be a great addition, (DCA’s included)
    Maybe the key combination: alt-view+sel, because double is also used al Lot to de-select.
    8: Internal insert: when using a FX unit as an insert, an option to insert the left or right channel of the FX unit would be great.
    Now i use a lot of transcient controllers as inserts, bus using 2 controllers where i only need 1.
    9: A library for recall-filters wound also be a real benefit when programming a lot of scenes.

    Thank you in advance.
    Kind regards,
    Maurits Thiel.

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    Thumbs up for #9!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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