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    Mark Oakley

    This is the $64.00 question; how much longer will current iLive stock (Surfaces, Mixracks, Network cards) be available?


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    Nicola A&H

    iLive will continue to be sold around the world for the foreseeable future, and we have ensured that there are sufficient stocks to meet ongoing demand. We will keep supporting current iLive hardware, firmware, software and iOS apps.

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    Hi Nicola,

    First, let me thank you for coming with this long awaited clarification. In addition, there is a plan to release a new firmware update for iLive system within the next few months? May we know few marks on the list?

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi dpnh,

    We are not anticipating any major firmware update or extra feature. After 9 free major firmware updates, current iLive hardware is running at capacity, with few resources left. However, should any critical bug be reported, we will investigate the issue and work on a fix, so it is possible that maintenance firmware releases will occur.

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    Glad to know that, but I was trying to figure out a few things:
    • fader calibration on mixing desk as QU
    • the second IDR unit isn’t available in dual-rack mode on ilive Tweak [iOS]; MixPad [iOS] and ilive Editor offline.
    • USB recording, at least two stereo channels, on the available USB ports

    These features are being our main concerns, otherwise mixing and having fun with iLive.
    Again, we thank you for all your support.

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    When there is a need for maintenance FW version, I’d be glad a fix for direct outs following fader, but not following DCA is included. Can’t call it a major bug, but a workaround uses 16 busses at the moment in a theatre install.


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    ^ this.

    Direct Out Option, Follow Mute not respecting the state of a DCA mute is a problem for us too. It forces us to avoid relying on DCA mute to mute inputs. We can’t afford the workaround of consuming mix buses so we can mute direct outs. Is this an option that can be built it?

    Sorry for the off topic comment, but I couldn’t resist.

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    I got one “bugfix”, hope i am wrong, ganging “insert on/off”, using multiband eq/comp on the master (main) as far as i know it does not work, and i tend to have only one master fader visible on the t 80….
    It could be on by default (no need to see it as option in ganging) on the LR main.
    Cheers from basilon

    (Anybody want to give me a dlive for free? Do not hesitate and contact me)

Viewing 8 posts - 61 through 68 (of 68 total)

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