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    will there ever be an update to the iLive system?
    Software and Hardware?

    We still miss some functionality (FX) compared to the GLD
    A new touch screen and the knobs from the Qu and the GLD would be good as well

    An official statement would be nice.

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    Zero fun 4 iLive users!
    To see GLD editor makes me blind….. 🙁

    Bring that s… to iLive!!!

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    We’re simply not buying any more iLive for exactly this reason, although keeping what we have –
    still love the sound and flexibility of the systems. A&H have brought out 2 ranges “below”
    since we last purchased iLive, both with lots of good features that cover many day-to-day scenarios
    and are great value for money.
    Not a hint of anything from A&H regarding iLive for a long time now, not even a software update.

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    Yes, it is true. Or at least it feels like its true. Just take the QuPad app which is FREE. It’s more responsive, easier to handle and more robust in terms of WiFi drop outs than the iLive app for which I paid a lot of money. Even compared with other systems like X32 the iLive app can do many things less. And still those other apps are free. The reasoning for charging nearly 100 bucks for the app was that it replaces a surface. But it doesn’t. No FX editing, no routing, no… So the PC editor could replace a surface, because it can do all that and much more. Oddly enough it’s FREE.
    To get back to the point: The app is a great example for what’s wrong with the iLive system. I own two complete systems. But sometimes I have to be envyous seeing what a GLD or X32 and in some cases even a Qu can do. And the iLive is still supposed to be top of the line! I have a very strong feeling that the iLive is pretty much abandoned right now. Some of the V1.9 features were missing the point why people wanted them, pthers come at a price too high to use them regularly. It’s so sad… A&H adds more and more products to the digital lines and the same people seem to be programming the software, which means less time is spent on enhancing the iLive software. See the pricing, look at what you get for a used iLive system. If I sell my T80 and iDR32 I couldn’t even afford a new GLD80, yet I’m supposed to pay triple of what a Qu16 costs for a R72, a surface with less knobs, less motor faders, far worse usability and no DSP power at all. Being an iLive user sucks right now. Would you care to fix that, A&H?

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    Mark Oakley

    As I’ve only had my T112/IDR-48 for 2 months now, I sure hope the iLive line keeps getting software upgrades, at least to the functionality of the GLDs. Having a Transient Designer FX, variable HP filter slopes and programmable crossfade Scene times seems like not too much to ask, especially as the code has already been developed.

    As for software control, I’m not even planning to buy the I-Pad App. I’m instead controlling iLive Editor from my I-Pad with VNC. This gives me full EFX editing, Routing, Delay Tap tempo and Soft-Key control from anywhere in the room.


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    I’m still hoping for some official words from the staff.

    I’m still believe in the overall concept in terms of flexibility and sound quality, that was never the point.
    The future proof concept seems to get old.

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    Well, I have not seen or heard of any mass exodus “yet” of people unloading their iLive rigs.
    That does not mean dealers or distributors are not dumping inventory.

    If in fact there is going to be a replacement, I really hope they do a similar program like Ya***a with a trade up policy for T-Series.

    It is disappointing not seeing any discussion from staff on the topic.

    2-1/2 years ago, a forum staff member did in fact state, there were no plans on discontinuing iLive. This was around when GLD was arriving. It does not necessarily mean that thought process has changed today, especially since they have new owners. I cannot find the archived post, as you cannot search that anymore- but I did get as far as this one.

    Interesting email!

    I agree with DrewM, someone at A&H should at least hint or say something.

    This is another reason to rethink the brand, if in fact we are getting hosed.

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    I recently picked up a y****a CL5 to meet more rider demands and to have a dedicated monitor setup off my iLive rig (via Dante, iLive still run FOH when i’m mixing). I have no intention of dropping my iLive rig but it is getting harder and harder for me to want to spend any more money on it or recommend it. In a “bang for your buck” comparison the CL5 seems to be taking the lead (at least in my view) which saddens me. I grew up working on A&H since I was 12 and I enjoy using their gear. I agree, it would be nice to see some sign of life for the continued development of the iLive line. I understand that the original hardware spec is getting a little old and i hope there will be some kind of upgrade path (I’m ok with paying for some hardware upgrades and even a major software upgrade if necessary).

    The iLive is starting to feel like the Mac Pro was/is to Apple.

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    I am in same boat… I own 3 iLives and 2 QU but can’t help feeling my iLive’s are eol. Now thinking about what is next and with the lack of feedback from A&H I too am exploring other brands.

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    I think we are all in the same boat…

    The concept is still good.
    I often use the posibillity to have my components spread around the venue. On the other hand I still miss the perspective and some funktions. (multiple surfaces with one mixrack, harmonizer, pitch shifter, fade times, dynamic automation)
    The idea to have a system of that kind, remember the posibility to route the traffic with standard network components, is still unique in the live sound rock and roll market (Lawo and Stagetec have similiar concepts with extreme prices), only AVID has something comparable. But Avid has smaller parts available with really modern technology (AVB) and is highly scalable and future proof. Only drawback is the Venue software.
    One important thing that every other manufacturer missed (except Lawo and Stagetec again) is the possibility to connect digital microphones like the Neumann KM-D or Sennheiser 8000.
    But on the other hand is the Qu-16 my desk at the moment, doing lot’s of comedy and small band gigs at a possible low price with best audio quality.

    I don’t know…maybe we have to wait…but some of use will not wait till the end. If I think about it I get frustrated.

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    The lack of reaction from the staff is not a good sign, even if updates or something new is in the making.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi all,

    iLive is our flagship series and we’re fully committed to the system – it’s very much a current product and is selling strongly. We believe that iLive continues to offer a unique solution and we’re delighted to see it being used and accepted in more and more applications, including on recent high profile tours with artists like Franz Ferdinand, Morrissey, Saxon and Broken Bells. See our blog articles here.

    At the moment our R&D resources are fully committed to other projects and we’re not in a position to give a timescale for future iLive updates. We constantly monitor this community and discuss iLive with users in the field – we really appreciate your commitment and enthusiasm, which have helped to shape the 9 major iLive firmware updates we’ve issued thus far.


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    Thanks for the comments Nicola, Its good to know its still a relevant product as far as A&H is concerned. Though, What concerns me with what you said is the part about “At the moment our R&D resources are fully committed to other projects…“. I suppose I could be nitpicking semantics, but if all of the resources are commented elsewhere, it seems to me that iLive is just another product in a growing line up and not really a flagship, top of the line product. R&D will get to it when they get to it…

    I can go spend $10k or less on a GLD/Qu system and get all kinds of R&D support and new features etc. Or i can go drop $50k on a “top of the line” “S” surface with all the bells and whistles and watch the GLD users get the features I’ve been requesting…

    I don’t mean to be down on it and I am gratefully for the bug fixes and patches, it just seems like iLive is the forgotten older child while the “newborns” get all the attention.

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    at least we should see a bugfix firmware release every six months…
    last update was 2013, so it’s time…

    but thanx for the statement Nicola!

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    I’m not impressed by who is using an iLive system for their tour. I don’t care about that, I’m not making money with their tours. The bitter thing is I bought two systems from the top line and I get the WORST support of all A&H systems at the moment. No new features for now. I loose more and more customers because they are missing features on the iLive systems from other manufacturers have or even the GLD has. At the moment I can’t charge more for an iLive system than other companies around charge for GLD systems.

    Please A&H, you have to reconsider your priorities. Top class products deserve top class support and development, but currently it’s the other way around. Qu gets release after release. Is this fair to us who have paid four to ten times the price of a Qu and paid for a long time basic thing like an iPad app? I don’t think so. If things stay the way they are, fulfilling none of the suggestions we as users have, I will sell the iLives and the replacement surely won’t be from A&H, because I’m only fooled once!

    Some easy noticeable basic things:
    It is not our fault that the same number of people previously only resposible for iLive now have to develop for three systems. The system was sold with a promise of continuing development. If the system is now at the end of possible development because the hardware is maxed out, offer us an UPGRADE path (NOT a downgrade path to GLD or Qu if we want features like multitracking, better useability etc.) and inform us about it in advance. A nice first thing would be a replacement for the R72, which is a bad joke for the price compared to what one gets buying a Qu16. New surfaces all around next, incorporating new ideas for handling other manufacturers already have. Getting rid of ACE in the process and using Dante instead. There’s much to do, but at the moment it seems A&H doesn’t like to play with the big boys anymore. Well we’ll see…

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