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    Simple request really, mixer working as it should with no buck passing. Well and truly annoyed that there is still no proper solution or even a recall to correct this issue. Relying on the owners to use legacy hardware or dive through hoops to find adapter cards to have a mixer that works as it should (without intermittent noise/distortion) when using usb to record via daw.

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    the problem is not the mixer, it is still related to the chipsets from Intel (and some from AMD as well)
    Microsoft now provides Intel made drivers that fix the problem on selected boards (or it is planned for Win10 2005, I’m not up to date on this, but I remember a news item related to this from early this year)
    but there are still chipsets with problems left
    and this makes a lot of audio device unusable for pro audio on Linux as well

    and Apple did not provide a solution because they concentrate on Thunderbolt
    or at least I didn’t heard of a solution

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    If it isn’t the mixer, then why is it that I have multiple other audio interfaces that work faultlessly on newer pc’s and mac’s with none of the issues that the QU32 exhibit on them. Some of these are much older than the QU32, others are from around the same time and some are newer. I’ve helped configure multiple pc’s and mac’s for friends using various interfaces over the past couple of years and had zero problems….not one of them have I suggested purchasing a AH mixer though, wouldn’t want to have the issue pop up for them.

    Either way, either AH have to sort this themselves via firmware/hardware or they have to press on chipset makers to sort it out. This is crippling for many and unnacceptable for the price point.

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    please tell us more.
    what are these chip problems. and why do they exist if they conformed with the standard?
    did AH conform to the usb standard or only ‘follow it’ as I found they said somewhere?

    why do my usb devices mix and match EXCEPT for use with the Qu which is VERY VERY picky about what it will even format?


    exactly. AH seems to have lots of problems with the newer usb stuff. maybe @SteffenR will tell us why.
    I did get some older stuff to work fine with AH’s Qu.

    I have no problem with interface devices on my PCs. But they all seem to ASIO4all for audio not windoze crapola drivers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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