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    The sanctuary in our church is set up where the PA speakers are hung from the ceiling slightly behind the first few rows of seats (it’s the location of the beam that carries them). We are planning on adding front fills at the edge of the stage to help the vocals stand out better for those in the first few rows (some sort of array of low profile near field speakers). We also need to add some more full range speakers under the balcony to even out the volume there. We have no mixes or groups available, but the matrix outputs are available at the board. Our mono PA system is fed from output 11 on our stage box (set to L+R). All other outputs on the stage box are used for monitors. If I were to set output 12 to LR-R, and use this output to feed the front fills, could I pan all the channels I don’t want in the fills full Left and not affect the levels in the PA speakers? Is there a better way?

    The balcony fills are a little easier. I can just add LR to a matrix and feed this into an amp at our board location (it’s on the balcony) with appropriate delay, to drive the speakers.

    I welcome all suggestions.

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    You could also use a group. Assign the channels that you want to the group. Then use the group’s output and even set a delay for time alignment.

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    Except of course when there are none free as stated.

    Garyth, I think what you suggest should mostly work, though I’ve not tried it. Only problem I can see is if you have Stereo inputs or effects, which behave differently.

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    Scott, no groups available.

    Mark, yes, I do have two effects, reverb on FX1, and Delay on FX2. I’ll do some experimenting to see how panning effects them. It would be nice if they had a mono/stereo switch.

    Thanks both of you for your time.


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    Mike C

    Is it possible to re think what your using all of your mixes and groups for? Remember groups can be converted to mixes.

    Sometimes it’s better to have a separate mix feeding front fills and rear delay fills.
    For example if you have live music you don’t need louder stage instruments in front fill speakers.

    Remember to high pass your front fill and balcony rear fill speakers. Generally there small speakers that can not reproduce much low frequency anyway and you normally have enough low frequency in those areas from the mains anyway. Something upwards to 150hz
    would be starting point.

    You will need to time delay the rear fills in relation to the mains, so what ever output you use will need to have delay.

    If your main system has an audio processor DSP maybe there are an extra couple of outputs that could be set up to feed the front and rear fills. The mix would be the same as the FOH mix but the DSP would give you the high pass filtering and needed delays without needing to reconfigure the mixer.

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    I do have mix 9-10 available but I want to keep it open for future use on the stage. I’m using one group as a sub for the drum mics and the other to limit channels to the foyer speakers and backup audio recording. I do have a DCA open, so maybe instead of using a group for a drum sub, I can use it, and assign the group to output 12 on the stage box to feed the front fill amp. This would be much cleaner than using panning to adjust routing.

    This still doesn’t address the problem of putting a stereo source, such as from the ST1-3 channels, into the fills. Is there any way to convert these sources to mono within the board? I may have to resort to converting cables. How does the pan controls on ST1-3 work? I thought I read in the docs that these are width controls. So do these become stereo to mono controls, or am I mistaken?

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