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    I much prefer the PEQ over the GEQ for ringing out monitors and FoH.

    When using the EQ section, the dedicated knobs jump widely , although if you touch a frequency box on the screen, the data knob is much more fine and sweeps much tighter.

    It would be convenient if the dedicated knobs behaved the same way. Maybe even have a small accelerator if someone turns the knob quickly so you don’t have to keep spinning to reach further frequencies.

    But at very slow speed it should be much finner to avoid the touch screen, data knob method which takes too much time.

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    I agree that finer control would be a good thing.

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    it you select the parameter and use the encoder near the display the resolution is already finer…
    a setting would be very welcome, or a user button but on QU16 buttons are rare, so a setting…

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    Hey guys,

    The superstrip encoders are geared to have a similar feel to analogue pots, so 270 degrees of rotation will fully traverse whatever scale it is assigned to. Of course, that therefore means that there is no acceleration, otherwise it wouldn’t feel like a pot 🙂

    As Steffen has mentioned, the soft encoder provides acceleration for finer control.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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