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    Just wanted to discuss this as I think this behaviour is wrong and counter-intuitive.

    On GLD if you freeze in layer a single strip and then recall a new scene with a different channel strip layout then whatever is assigned to the equivalent channel strip in the new scene is frozen across all layers.

    There is no ‘safe’ or equivalent indication on the channel strip to indicate that a channel strip has been frozen and therefore the user recalling the new scene may not be aware of the frozen strip.

    Unless there is a global setting I’m missing somewhere that defines the behaviour of frozen channel strips following scene recall this appears to be counter intuitive – I think the behaviour should either be:

    A – Scene recall takes precedence over freeze, should be saved with scene and released when new scene is recalled.
    or possibly
    B – Freeze takes precedence over scene recall and therefore the whatever the channel strip was is frozen going into the new scene when a scene is recalled. (or this could be the behaviour with freeze & safe enabled on the same strip)

    Personally I can’t understand any use case where the current behaviour makes any sense.

    If this is a bug (and I think it is) – how do I go about raising a formal bug report?



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