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    Just received and installed an avantis at the venue I work at four days ago, I turned on the highlight on fader touch feature. I did the fader touch calibration when I first booted it up as requested by the manual. Today on day four of owning the console, for some reason some channels highlight themselves even when I’m not touching anything and sometimes they randomly highlight themeslves very breifley when I touch other fader.

    Anyone else had this issue / heard of this before and found a fix? i’m in the middle of the show as I’m typing this so a reboot is not possible. And I have to a full fader touch calibration again on both banks.


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    KeithJ A&H


    This behaviour could be down to calibration but as the touch sensing is capacitive, could also be due to external influence on a system that is working correctly.
    ‘External influence’ is the best way I could think of to describe it, but would include things like environment (e.g. humidity) and power.

    Was there any difference in the environment or with the setup on day 4?


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    Hi Keith,

    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

    No different between day 1 and day 4. But I did find the issue! It was my phone & ipad charger which is one of the new Anker Ga twin type c charger that was causing the problem. If I had it near me or was touching either the phone or ipad it would cause the problem. When it was further away and or not in contact with me it was fine. I have no issue with my macbook which has the new 140w Ga charger. So pretty sure it was down to RFI from either the charging block / the cable causing issues.


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