FOH Muting help please – how to mute FOH but keep input music in ST1 playing?

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    Hi Guys

    I am new to the QU range and need a little help please.

    How do I go about muting all channels going to main L&R FOH without actually muting all the channels individually so performers can still hear their monitor mixes whilst the FOH is muted?

    I cannot just use the main L&R mute button as I still want music playing through from an iPad on ST1 input … otherwise if I mute the main it will mute this music also. On my previous desk if I muted the main L&R the input music inserted via cd/tape input would still play ok and performers could still hear monitors. This is what I am trying to achieve and any help or guidance would be very much appreciated!

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    If you mute the master LR the inputs should still be active on the monitor mixes. I am assuming you also have those inputs set to PRE on the individual mixes. The only way they would go away is if you mute the channels themselves.

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    Why not using a DCA on all channels? Since ST1 is a channel like any other the desk can’t differentiate easily what you intend to mute and what not. But you can assign a DCA to any channel you want to be “muted”.
    But beware: Muting a DCA group also mutes channel from all sends (pre or post). You need to move the DCA fader down to turn channels off.
    And, as George said, you monitor sends need to be set to Pre in this case.

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    I don’t get the DCA stuff … conceptually, yes, but where / how … ??

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    Did you check Chapter 9.13 “Mute and DCA Groups” in The Manual yet?
    The Qu32 has dedicated DCA faders on the second layer (where you also have the FX returns), on Qu16 and Qu24 you’ll need to assign them on the Custom Layer (Chapter 9.15 “Using DCA Groups”).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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