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    Back in the day when I had a Qu-16 I put this same suggestion in. I still want it on my SQ 🙂

    Earlier thread with positive response: https://community.allen-heath.com/forums/topic/flash-the-mix-layer-lights-to-reduce-errors

    It’s classic mistake – forget you don’t currently have the L-R bus selected and accidentally mess up another bus thinking you’re adjusting the main mix.

    The suggestion is to have an option to flash any active mix select LED except the L-R.

    MixPad recognises the risk and adds colour to the fader bank to remind you.

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    There is already a flag in the display, a blue light on the mix button. Maybe it is possible thrue midi to make a flashing light onto the console.

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    I agree that flashing indicators would be a benefit. Sometimes, I just don’t notice the steady blue buttons out at sea on the panel surface. I know I should pay more attention but flashing indicators have shown “danger” for many years. 🙂


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    for instance .. all “sel” of the 16 channels ( sq5 ) blinking

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    +1 For all consoles (not just the SQ).

    I for one don’t always have the LR main mix fader on my current layer. In those cases, there isn’t a great indication as to which buss I am mixing to (a tiny box on the corner of a screen is hardly noticable). Something flashing would at least warn me that I’m not mixing to LR.

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    I have already made this suggestion, there are several possible solutions:
    -Put the names of the lcd displays in reverse video.
    – Flash the text lcds
    – Alternate text with the selected aux
    – Alternate colors with the selected aux (when you can put more than 8 colors on the display!)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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