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    I get on well with my Qu16 but my most common mistake is to forget I haven’t reverted the faders to the L-R bus and I end up changing the fader settings on an FX or mix bus when I intended to change the main L-R mix.

    My feature request is to allow the blue FX/mix selector buttons down the right hand side to flash when selected, to make it harder for me to forget they’re selected. Only the L-R mix selector button should not flash.

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    Some sort of indicator would be good. It’s one reason I built a monitor desk for mine…

    I could almost sanction the sel buttons blinking – so you can see it wherever on the board you look…

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    great idea

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    Yes….great idea!
    So is there anything negative about that idea?
    Im all for simple improvements but always like to think of new innovations or the down sides.. the just-in-case scenarios before the horse has bolted.

    I sometimes forget to come off the GEQ flip before I star re-tweaking.. or are they calling that the forth layer these days?

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    I agree with xyz – any negative impacts should be assessed. For this reason, the function can be a user preference setting that defaults to the current steady lights. Also – good thinking – the GEQ flip button could also flash for the same reason.

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    I agree this is a great idea. I have many times wished for it especially teaching my customers how to use the consoles having never worked with layers.

    I do agree it should be optional.

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    Heck yes –

    – No flashing.
    – Mix LED flash
    – All Sel Flash @ half brightness

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    what about making it even more obvious (and avoid flashing)? As we’ve seen with the option to convert groups into mixes, there are at least blue/red leds mounted at some buttons. In case there are RGB LEDs mounted in all Mix/Group/Fx buttons, what about:
    – If LR is selected all these LEDs are off.
    – If a Mix is selected, all LEDs are blue, except the selected Mix, which is white
    – If a Group is selected, all LEDs are purple, excepte the selected Group, which is white
    Particularly in a darker environment it should be pretty obvious if there’s currently LR selected or “something” else and we do not need to spot some time to not miss a blinking light.

    If there are only red/blue resp. green leds (on Fx button) mounted, this obviously does not work. Don’t think that keeping the selected Mix/Group/Fx LED off would be a proper solution, not sure if different brightness per LED is supported.

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    no RGB available

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    Flash the blue LED Mix Buttons as selected, and SEL button flashed at reduced brightness when anything but LR is selected.

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