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    Good day all,

    I am trying to find an adequate mixer rack (you know the racks which have 10-12U top for a rack mounted mixer and 10-16U below for rack gear) which will accommodate a SQ5? I have looked at the ProX, Gator, and EWI offerings but can’t really get a feel of whether or not the SQ5 will fit in their mixer racks and be able to close the lid. I know SKB makes a rack kit which allows the SQ5 to “sink” down in their gig rigs but I hate the plastic SKB cases. Anybody having success with a mixer rack and SQ5?


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    I am not a fan of the the type of enclosed mixer rack you are considering for several reasons:

    1) An 8 U SKB case is physically much more manageable.
    2) A Gator suitcase will accommodate securely the SQ5, a DX168 & my Glyph studio USB recorder for easy transport.
    3) I made a 3/4 inch thick plywood template to secure the SQ 5 on top of the SKB 8 space case and an additional 3/4 inch template for securing the bottom of the case to a rolling platform.
    4) The SKB case houses a Masterlink that I use for playing the custom recorded support tracks in my solo show, a ECS-3 pwr conditioner & ETA 20SH 20 amp module, and the Glyph studio recorder when in use.

    This is a rig that suits my solo show needs very well and a EX10 wedge and my Flea 47 next mic, stand & cords are the sum total of my travel gear. When I am supporting an additional act the additional mics and wedges are no problem fitting into my Ford SUV. Most all of my shows are in venues that offer very good custom SR installs so my ability to feed the house with the exact mix I want works well for all concerned, however in the event I need to provide SR stacks I have a trailer loaded with a complete KV2 ES point source SR system. (the ES system is the reason I needed the ETA-20SH 20 amp module) I am now 80 years old and when absolutely needed I have to charge an additional $1,500. to hire the additional labor to manage the set-up and tear down of this very high quality KV2 ES system and fortunately in most of our venues today it is not needed.

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    Rob T

    While this doesn’t answer your question, if you’ve got the budget and some time, I’d consider having a local case company make what you are after. Gives you an opportunity to end up with a case that exactly meets your needs, and lets you add functionality that isn’t available in the “ready-made” cases. And you’ll usually end up with a better quality case.

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