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    SIS Audio Guy

    On my QU32, I’m trying to update the firmware to v1.9 and facing some problems with it…

    The update started around 1600 hours and it has been 15 hours now, the update has not yet finished.
    Kindly help to resolve this problem.

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    Just a few words to confirm that there is a problem because it should take less than 2 minutes…
    i don’t know what to do but i think i would restart all the procedure.(you should find another topic around this forum about this issue)
    Good luck..

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    This has been widely discussed. I personally have never had problems updating my console or several I have sold. I suggest shutting down the coonsole. Take the thumbdrive and download the update again from the website. See if the console reboots under previous version. If so do a reformat of the drive first. Then go through process again. Try that.

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    Dick Rees

    George is correct. Start with all slates clean. Fresh downlad, re-format the USB stick, load the fresh download into the proper folder on the stick and try again.

    I’ve had this happen one time only. Download was apparently bad. Such is the Internet…

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    Me too … happened one time out of many in over 3 years. It happens…….

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    I’m experiencing the same issue as I type.

    I love my desk and don’t want to harm it. I notice that the instructions say not to cut power but I cannot see another way at the moment.

    Will it start again if I cut the power?



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    You will see when powering on. If Update failed completely it probably boots up with old firmware. If update ended in a corrupted firmware, there is some hotkey (can’t remember, somewhere in the forum) to enforce starting the unit into update mode.

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    Dick Rees

    There was a response from A&H on this issue…but I can’t remember it and haven’t found it again…yet.

    Whatever, I pulled the stick, did a proper shutdown and did the whole fresh download etc procedure and have never experienced the problem again.

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    Dick Rees

    plus…there may be a need to do a hard reset somewhere in the trouble-shooting process…

    Still searching for info from A&H.

    Edit: I found other info! Make sure your USB stick contains ONLY the new firmware. Either delete the old or use a new stick.

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    Brilliant. Thanks all for responses.

    I bit the bullet and all is well. Install worked the next time.



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