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    When I first purchased the Qu-16, I was upgrading from an old GL2200 so I probably just assumed this but the line and mic inputs are the same input, unlike the GL2200 where you can push the Pad button on each channel and access the line input which is completely separate from the Mic input. Is this a hardware thing or can this be changed in a firmware upgrade? It would be a fantastic feature especially for our installation which includes a lot of line devices but also a lot of mics.

    Also, I notice a lot of newer digital boards out right now have plenty of mono outs that can be combined into stereo or remain as mono. The amount of mono outs on the Qu-16 is, I find, a bit lacking. I understand this might be in favour of the idea of the personal monitor mixing, but it would be great if there was a feature to switch the stereo outs to mono outs, or somehow neutralize the stereo pair in favour of a mono feature, even if it was just making, for example, changing mix 9-10 into 2 single mono channels instead of a left and right. (with the understand of hardware limitations such as buttons already labeled as mix 9-10)

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    Hello. YES I would like the ST1 2 & 3 on the QU16 inputs to be software controllable to mono as well. So they could have diferent signals coming in and then summed to mono.? does this make sense?

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    You can use the Stereo-Aux as well as a single mono out! The Pan-Settings are realted to the mix you are work in! But it doesn’t count as double mono for sure! I assume only a firmware change that we can use an AUX as a Group or Matrix! (Hope that will be implemented in future! Qu-24 has it already!)

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    dhak: that would be great, it would give more flexibility of stereo / mono tools to work with.

    eotsskleet: I am aware of being able to use just one side of the stereo as a mono (I think that’s what you mean) but won’t it still only use one side of a stereo channel instead of summing both left and right channels to one output? (as with a mono output?) did I miss something? (I hope so!)

    I agree though, probably a very simple firmware update to change this feature. One touchscreen option and flick the switch to mono or stereo output!

    I Still would like to know if the Line & MIC inputs could be separated into individual channels as like the old GL2200. If this can be done on a firmware change or if it is a hardware thing.

    I was simply told by Allen & Heath Tech Support not to plug in both a Line and a MIC input to an individual channel at the same time. They didn’t offer more than that.

    This board is a permanent install with patch panels, recordings, and regular events so for me, it would really be a bonus to select between 16 channels of MIC inputs and another 16 channels of Line inputs. Custom layers galore, and, a feature no other 16 channel digital mixer has (That I’ve seen anyways).


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    Hi. I used the out board QU16’s as side mixers with 31 band EQues and DBX compression and THEN summed them before coming back into ST1 and ST2 and that gave me a surface area with 4 groups. I see one each on ST1 and ST2 are mono but that still dosnt quite do what I want.Next time I wouldnt use out board EQ etc.. so then I definitately need suming INSIDE the QU16.

    In your case have you thought about simply using the dSnake for stage use, and then switching to local for your selected channels?

    My next ponder : where can I find some simply summing amps? preferably passive
    I think I need about 13 of them to truly join up my units via anologue
    Thats give 6 monitor sends seperate ux fed subs and FOH. I use 3 AR24 gives me 32 channels at mic level and a all of the returns up next amp racks etc..
    The crunch is being able to PFL AFL each desk at FOH mix position
    and then of course you can split the mixers up for small gigs

    Thanks.. cheers
    davyd hodge Auckland NZ

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    I’ve found workarounds for a lot of stuff so far within the board, but you could just use 2 line inputs instead of the stereo pair and use the ST inputs for something else

    From what I found so far with working with a few guys who know there way around a digital board, the Qu-16 is a very cool unit, but there is still a lot of firmware that needs to come out to complete its full potential.

    • The ability to make the ST1 and ST2 inputs mono would give more versatility

    • The fact that there is a user access restriction menu you can’t do anything with yet is kind of funny

    • a monitor for AES output, regardless if it says it’s following whatever source it is, or if there is no room for it, somehow it would be nice to see levels for everything going out because it’s too easy to flip a switch in some sub menu and suddenly it’s not doing exactly what you wanted and now you can’t see it

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    dhak, I have a product made by Mackie and it is called: MixerMixer. It is a 16″ patch box full of 1/4 inch connectors so that aux sends and other outputs of three consoles can be combined. It would be completely awesome for your purposes. Let me know if you are interested in it. It can do nine aux sends, left and right mains, plus headphones so the PFL will work from all three mixers.

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    Thanks for that thought Dan.
    I did have a look at that mixer. I didn’t know they existed.
    In the last bigger job I adid kind of use a QU as a mixer mixer
    and drove Aux fed subs, Centre fill and PFL’s. That all worked brilliantly.
    I am in the process of just building a passive summing rack mount (2 units) where I have 4 XLR inputs and 1 XLR output X 8. Basically to run monitors and aux fed subs from. ( I understand the output drive will be less but there is just so much power in these amps these days that should be ok)
    The FOH is ok as I bring that data into ST1 and ST2
    I really want XLR in/out
    I had thought about a couple of Behringer MX882 splitter mixers but just another gadget to go wrong in the heat of the moment.
    Less is more!?
    I have another 2 large gigs coming up this and next week. The QU24 will take ages to get here in NZ

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