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    Mike C

    Just noticed this release the other day that came out in Feb 2022.

    Version 1.96 – Maintenance release. Feb 2022
    • Support for latest AR2412, AR84 and AB168 hardware following component changes.
    • Support for latest Qu hardware following component changes.

    Is there a date code or serial number range we should look for on equipment that would need to run 1.96 or if it needs it was it already installed before shipment?

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    KeithJ A&H

    @mike C

    Qu’s requiring the firmware will have it installed at production.
    Expanders are slightly different in that they will have the latest firmware when shipped, but due to the firmware auto-updating on connection to a mixer (and with different firmware on different mixers) there is a chance that you could connect to a mixer running older firmware and therefore experience issues.
    For this reason, there is a big sicker to say ‘update your console firmware!’ on any expander where it may be required.
    (unfortunately there is nothing in older firmware that is able to flag up an incompatibility, as we’d need a time machine to add it in…)


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    Mike C

    Thanks for the info.
    So I take it that if needed 1.97 is backwards compatible with older mixers to connect to newer post Feb 2022 stage boxes?

    Will production stay with the newer chip sets or go back to the originals when they become available.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Mike,

    Yes, the latest firmware is compatible with all hardware.
    Whether there will be further hardware changes requiring tweaks to firmware is impossible to predict, but as long as you are always running the latest firmware, there will be no issue.


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    @keithJ A&H

    Yes, the latest firmware is compatible with all hardware

    Greetings Keith. Its been a while since we communicated.
    I have just noticed the latest firmware update 1.7 [ and I did read the release notes]
    I have older QU 32 & 16 Running 1.95
    Really for my own use in my studio now.
    However never say never
    I must have decided to not update to 1.6? when 1.6 came out?
    Possibly, as I have lots of ‘Shows’ and didn’t want to upset any scenarios
    should I decide to go out again into the public arena and if everything is working fine then…. leave well alone.
    So just to clarify then, if I was to update the firm ware to 1.97
    and having older QU series with multiples of AR2412 and AR08
    Will they update satisfactorily?[ fully backwards compatible]
    I do understand that Show-Files may not work how they were.
    So I’m looking for reassurance on older QUs
    Thank you in advance

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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