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    can you please look at making the frequency knob finer in its adjustment? if you use the jog knob when selecting the frequency
    it works great! it would be awesome if it the main freq knob could respond like that

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    Yes to finer adjustment on the touch and turn – especially delay, I need to use the iPad to move in tiny increments! so it can do it, just not on the surface.

    I get what they’ve done with the EQ. We shouldn’t need to look to EQ because it should be in the ears, just like using an adjustable PEQ on an analogue desk. Thats why they’ve made it move a lot with a small touch I think, so we can hear a difference in a tiny turn of the wheel. Then when we need to actually do some micro-surgery on the sound we go in and use the touch and turn. I like that approach and am trying really hard not to look at the graph, as my OCD likes to make nice looking EQ curves too much 😛

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    +1 finer adjustment in the EQ and Delay

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