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    Hello everyone,

    I am thinking about getting the CQ-12T so I tried the demo and the app does not look too bad, however there are few things I would like to know before purchasing the unit:

    1. Is it possible to use other than those 4 FX available in the DEMO? For example 3 reverbs, and one delay, or any other combination?
    2. Are all FX idiot friendly as those shown in the demo? Is there a reverb with full set of commands without those arbitrary “energy”, “clarity”, “softer” buttons?
    3. Is it possible to set the knobs to react to up and down moves, not only left and right?
    4. Is it possible to get the DB scale on FX Sends and AUX Sends?
    5. Is it possible to have the linked AUX 1 and 2 for example as a stereo headphone output?
    6. Is there a sidechain option?
    7. What does actually LISTEN means for the headphones source, the app shows some headphones icon on the mixer but it can not be selected or manipulated, does it work when the mixer is connected?


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    The CQ-12T has only 2 FX units, but those units can be populated with any of the available FX as needed. The CQ-18T, and CQ-20B have 4 FX units, and again those 4 slots can be populated with any FX unit that you choose. The FX are quite easy to use on the CQ and sound good, and the option buttons do change the character of the effect in question.

    So far, I think the knob controls only react to left/right movement, but since that is a software thing, that can change in the future. The same thing is true of the DB scale on the sends. They’re not there yet, but could be at some point in the future.

    For #5 I can’t say at this moment, as I haven’t tried to do this.

    Presently there are no side chain options.

    The LISTEN is the PAFL bus, which can be toggled with the little headphone buttons on each channel that you mentioned. These aren’t active when in demo mode in the app.

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    Yes you can link aux 1&2 together and if you wish, you can allocate that mix to the headphone socket on the CQ12TšŸ‘šŸ»šŸ˜ƒ
    Hope that helps!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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