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    Florian Steppke

    Hi folks nice to meet you, I have some ideas regarding the avantis.
    1. An rta peq overlay
    2. Show/Scene name and a clock in the “home screen”
    3. change the q of an eq via multitouch(2 Fingers or so) on the touchscreen
    4. i would like to name the dx168 in the i/o window, when I’m using the dxhub with 4 stageboxes it would be great to set a name or an index or something like that
    5. a broadcast limiter plugin like the J√ľnger d2, or something like a waves l2 maybe with true peak limiting for the dpack .
    6. an option for lufs and true peak metering maybe also as a plugin for the dpack
    7. Longer channel names via scrolling or text resizing
    8. More live concerts for the great avantis!


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    I agree with 100% of this, especially 5/6/7.

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    +1 for the RTA PEQ overlay; show & last recalled scene and clock in top bar of screens; real multi touch for PEQ Q; Longer channel names.

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    +1 on all of this

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    +1 on all of this from me too!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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