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    Hi again.

    I really appreciate having the mute groups as it makes it easy to drop out a whole set of channels at once, but I find the behaviour of the mute LED quite confusing.
    At the moment if you manually mute a channel it goes solid red.
    If you use a mute group for a non-manually muted channel it flashes red.
    if you use a mute group for an already manually muted channel it dips from red.
    I can see why the engineers thought this was useful (so you can differentiate between group mutes and individual mutes from only a single LED) but the overall effect is to make it look like a Christmas Tree with all funny out of sync flashing etc.
    Too much flashing altogether!!

    It would be great if there was an option in the setup to choose ‘less flashing mutes’ or similar.
    In this mode the behaviour would be:
    Manually muted channel – stays red.
    Group muted channel – mute goes red but dips to off for a quarter of a second every 2-3 secs.
    Group muted channel already manually muted – just stays red!

    If a channel is manually muted then why do I need to know it’s in a group mute – it’s just muted. and removing the group mute won’t unmute it anyway so it’s not adding any value.

    Hope that makes sense.


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