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    Feature request for dLive:

    After using the S7000 and DM64 for monitor on a christmas concert I’ve a number of features I would like to see implemented in dLive
    As I’ve used Soundcraft Vi6 and Yamaha PM5D for this previous years this is also a list of what I’m missing compared to Vi6/PM5D. Please excuse me if there some of my requests that are already implemented in dLive and I’ve not discovered them.

    1. A preview mode. This is a must have for monitors. For example: During the rehersals a lead singer comes to me after her song (while the next song is performed) and ask me to change something in her mix. To be able to put the console in preview mode and adjust this while the audio part is unaffected is a life saver. A must have feature for monitor applications.

    2. Update of scenes. Please make it possible to use the ”Current cue list” for the update function. As I’m adding scenes as needed as the rehearsals goes along they are typically not in the order needed for the show. I use a cue list to put the scenes in the order I need. But here comes the problem: The update function only allows to select a range of scenes from the ”All scenes” list. I would like to select a range of scenes from my custom order that I’ve prepared in my cue list instead. Another way (less effective) to solve this is to implement a sorting feature in the ”All scenes” list. (See below)

    3. Make ”All scenes” sortable. Allow for sorting of scenes in the ”All scenes” list.

    4. Allow for drag and drop sorting within the ”Current cue list” in the Cue list editor. Now I’m forced to delete a scene and drag it in again for ”All scenes” to change the order.

    5. Implement a AFPL trim that is individual to each mix. The Vi6 has this feature and it’s very useful to be able balance between mixes used for wedges and IEM. Typically during the show I will only use IEM and not my wedge and to be able to trim the wedge mixes to about the same level as the IEM mixes in the AFPL is really nice.

    6. Implement an option allow the ”Send level” function of the custom rotary to control the send level of the selected mix. Today the ”send level” is always linked to a mix selected during setup of the custom rotary. Make the mix affected instead dynamically controlled by which mix I’ve selected with the ”SEL” button on the mix master.

    I really like the dLive and if A&H can work on the feature request the dLive will be a really good console!

    /Henric Isén, Sweden

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    Maybe I should have put this post in the feature request forum… Sorry!

    I moved it to the correct forum.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi hisen,

    Thanks for your suggestions. I will log these in our feature request list and discuss with the team here.

    Re: point 6 – have you tried the ‘Sends’ rotary function? This dynamically follows the active Mix (Mix button).

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    The sends on rotary is a great function, alas I find it uncomfortable that the LCD display on the channels only tell you that rotarys are now sending to some AUX or the other, but not which one. A little detail that would make this function so much nicer.

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    YES YES YES! These are all great suggestions and all on my wish list also! So consider this a +1 for all!

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    Hi Hisen,

    preview is defintive a must nowadays. But scenes will be redone anyways, so maybe we’ll get it with 1.5.

    Regarding Point 5:

    As monitor engineer I totally get it. But you have two “masterfaders” for the wedge and IEM, I use them to match the “felt” level.

    Also on iLive one could define on each channel/master on which CUE it should appear (Wedge or InEar or both), but I’m not shure if it’s already implemented on dLive (have to check it).

    Cheers pete.j

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