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    I’m a relatively new user of the Qu platform (and digital mixing in general, I’m an old analog guy), purchased both a 16 and a 32 a few months back, along with the AR2412 and AR84 D-snake modules. After using them for a bit, had a few ideas for adding to / improving the feature set. Again, I’ve been working with them for only a short while, so some of my suggestions are very likely already covered in this forum, I just don’t have the time to read through 460+ strings to find them.

    1. Allow more than 4 mute groups, for assignment to the soft keys
    2. Allow naming of DCA groups
    3. Can matrix outs be selected to a mute group? If they can, I haven’t been able to find it.
    4. If the D-snake is in use, allow the associated local outputs to be re-assigned to other functions / sources, ie: channel direct outs
    5. If a mute group is engaged, is there a way to temporarily unmute a “member” of that group locally at the channel strip? That’s another one that I can’t seem to be able to find, if it exists.

    Otherwise, great boards, incredible “bang for the buck”.

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    Mike C

    You can name the DCA control strip, just like naming a channel.
    About the only way now I can think of to mute a matrix with a mute group
    would be to assign the inputs to the matrix to a mute group. Yo may have to get
    creative in the routing to the matrix so that muting the matrix input sources
    does not mute any mixes that you do not want muted.

    #4 – could be handy.
    #5 – No

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    Thanks for the help Mike C.

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