Fastest Desk I've ever worked on! …seriously saved my butt today.

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    Just a word of praise to the dev guys for dLive. This console seriously saved my butt today! I was facilitating volunteer coordination while setting up band today, accidentally recalled the wrong show template and started building on that… Didn’t realize what I’d done until halfway through band practice, and there’s nothing to be done at that point except adapt. So I made the best of that mix I could, then in the short period between when the band practice ended and the team had a pre-show meeting I was able to back up, and fully rebuild the show using the proper template, mixes and all. …in less than fifteen minutes. Nobody even noticed the hot swap! Any other desk and I would have been hosed! (Okay, maybe not hosed, but definitely living with an inferior mix.)

    …that’s all; thanks for the sweet sweet desk!

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