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    Greetings SQ Community,
    One of the features I love about the SQ series is how darn silent the consoles are in terms of fan or transformer noise. Unlike the Yamaha production consoles or SD series Digico consoles I have here, my SQ is pretty darn silent when sitting in my studio. No fan noise, no transformer buzz to speak of. It’s delightul.

    I recently installed the Dante I/O card and I’m noting that I can really hear the fan noise from this card. Yes, yes of COURSE it’s minimal and not at ALL noticable in a live sound environment. But it’s somewhat bothersome in the studio when using the SQ as a DAW controller. (I have to admit that it’s still a LOT quieter in the studio than the Digico. I recently demoed a Behriner Wing and it’s fan was pretty obnoxously lound in a silent studio environment – So I’m surely still happier with the SQ than I would be with a Wing… in many, many ways 😉

    Has anyone attempted swapping the fan on the Dante expansion card out for a quieter fan? If so, how sucessful were you in reducing noise? Can you share what fan you selected?

    Alternatively – If ayone else has the Dante expansion card and does NOT hear any noise from it at all – I’d love to know.

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    Maybe it’s just me but I hear the two fans in the board way more than I hear the fan on the Dante card. I have considered swapping out the fans in the board but at the end of the day, even in a control room, I guess I just find them objectionable enough. Not to say that tomorrow, I might not change my mind.


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    My Waves S1 server was the culprit in my control room. 100 ft of cat 6 cable and moving it to an adjacent room with a closed door cured the problem. All devices with a cooling fan will omit a certain amount of noise when heated up: however the subject server was at a totally higher unacceptable level.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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