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    Hi Guys I’ve had my Qu 16 for almost 2 years and have successfully updated the firmware from 1.20 onwards.
    On 21/10/15 i started the 1.80 update the desk was reading from the usb and pan leds indicating update in progress desk then shut its self down and has not restarted.
    the usb drive has not been touched during update and the desk lamp has remained on the whole time. the desk has been left for 12 hours and nothing has happened
    Is there any way of getting the desk rebooted

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    Did you try turning off the desk?
    Pull the USB stick. Turn on the desk. If it boots up normally then put in the USB stick and reformat it. Then pull it and put the new firmware on it and try again.

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    Yes i have removed the usb and tried a restart desk lamp comes on but that is all that happens screen stays blank.
    with the usb in the Qu drive led flashes 2 times but that is all that happens.

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    Did you try to Hard Reset the Qu?
    This is something re-occurring like here or here.
    Did you try pressing USB and HPF during powering on with a (freshly formatted and maybe different) stick containing the firmware plugged in to redo the update as stated in the second link?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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