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    Hello, our church has the Avantis and we are having the same fader issues but with 4 of our faders. We have done all the calibrations and the issues continue to happen. Does anyone know what else we can do to solve this problem? We have taken good care of the console and there shouldnt be a reason for it to start failing with under a year of use.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi All,

    Motorised faders can present this behaviour due to either normal wear and tear or certain fault conditions. I cannot advise on individual cases in this thread, but if you have run the motor calibration and are still experiencing issues, please contact your dealer or A&H distributor who can advise on warranty status and repairs.

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    We have the same issue. Faders get stuck when changing layers. We have two faders (one on each bank) having the same problem. I just saw the issue happen with a third fader this past week. I have contacted support and they want to send off my console so that they could find the issue.

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    We have AVANTIS less than a year now. After the first upgrade to V 1.13 all faders motorization stopped working and faders stopped responding and adjusting volume levels. We contacted support and sent them all the info on the issue. Had to downgrade to V 1.11. The problem disappeared.
    Last 2 months having issues with 1 fader that keeps getting stuck, and when switching the layers, that stuck fader keeps adjusting the channel on every switched layer to the level where the fader is stuck.
    Had already couple incidents because of that during the service. Sometimes during the fader calibration process that faders won’t move at all or sometimes will start moving last. Sometimes after calibration it works fine just for couple minutes or sometimes it will work fine the whole service without problems. When putting that stuck fader in a gang with neighboring fader and adjusting the neighboring fader, the faulty fader linked through the ganging will follow but erratically with weird buzzing sound, until recalibrated. Calibration fixes the issue in 80%. Sometimes it won’t help. Sometimes rebooting the console fixes the issue.
    We upgraded to V 1.21 only 3 weeks ago, but that didn’t fix the stuck fader issue. Seems sometimes fader starts working if you slightly adjust it with a finger.
    Just recently got one more fader acting up. We have opened a claim while the console is still under warranty. It’s bit of a problem to send Avantis out for repairs, as we will need to use our old Soundcraft console as a substitute. The old one worked for 7 years with no problems.

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    i had few months ago the same kind of issue with a fader which was blocked.

    i had my avantis been repaired.
    But yesterday the same problem appeared

    (firmware V1.23, my console moved 3 times in her life, as i am working in a studio configuration)

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    Calibration alignment and motors have been made many times.
    and i had the same results as visitgec (2 messages before)

    please look at the video in the file attached
    (faders 8 to 12)

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    video file with an allowed size

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    UPDATE to our issue:

    We sent ours in to the distributer for repair. They replaced both fader boards and fixed a couple other smaller issues under warranty. Faders are all working smooth and consistent now. So our stuck faders were due to a component failure, it appears. Will update if that changes

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    Same problem with firmware v 1.24.

    Only one fader (8) tho. Goes to unity gain by itself. Switching layer…still unity even that was NOT the level set. Switch to aux mixes…unity it is!

    Rebooted mixer, and it seems fine – so far. Not done any fader calibration yet.

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