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    Hallo all!
    Yesterday for first time experienced this kind of problem with gld 80. The bank of 12 faders on the left sometimes (not all time) dropped values, lets say i have faders in first layer on channels at 0dB and in second at – whatever dB, traveling from layer 1 to 2 it changed values to 0dB in second layer, basically turned up unwanted stuff. It also happened to mono aux sends and fx sends, when left fader bank was in aux send mode Impossible to work with, during the soundcheck it destroyed monitor mix couple of times. Then i realized, that most problems was with faders 5-8 so i skipped them in all layers, and tried to avoid monitor mixing in aux master mix mode, instead used input channel mix mode. So today i have another show, no substitutes, so i will try to open it up, and recheck some connectors in it, maybe somebody can give me some advice, which way to look more specifically, with this kind of problem. Thanks,


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    This isn’t a solution to your problem, but you can actually “mix” a show without using the faders. Select the mix master, go into the routing tab and control your send levels from there.

    Not good, but maybe better than having your send levels change all the time.



    Hi Fainis,

    Sorry to hear of the problem, please open a support ticket by contacting support@allen-heath.com, we will need a copy of the log files, your serial number and date of purchase. Or it might be more convenient for you to get in contact with your local Allen & Heath distribution partner directly, so one of their engineers can check it out for you. Details here – https://www.allen-heath.com/where-to-buy/

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    Same for me. I have Firmware 1.40 on a GLD 112. Would 1.41 help for the problem? Actualy the GLD is on a show an FOH man told me the problem. No backup! WHAT TO DO!??!?!

    Please help

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