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    I have a strange behavior on an FX send master when recalling a particular scene. It is seeming to me like a bug.

    An FX send for reverb is supposed to stay at 0dB on this snapshot change.
    Apparently in the second scene it got written to -42 instead. I Didn’t figure this out for a long time because…
    If the fader is visible on the active layer of the surface, the level immediately jumps back to 0dB. Actually the physical fader doesn’t jump down, it just stays where it is. But if I am watching the FX screen, I can see the level momentarily drop down and then come up.

    On the other hand, if the fader is hidden on another layer, the level snaps to the lower value and stays there. It will stay at the lower level until the next scene, or until I switch layers to view the fader. I can see this on the FX screen, and I can also see on the Meters screen that there is no signal, and can hear that the reverb goes away in that scene.

    After I figured out that the fader is jumping down, I did a store to overwrite the scene and the behavior stops. Presumably because the actual level in the scene is now at 0?

    As a side note, this is a musical theatre show and we are running monitors from FOH. We have had complaints about monitors suddenly going away and I am now suspecting that these complaints are due to a similar behavior on some of our monitor Aux masters as well.

    This is on a CDM64 with two C2500 surfaces at FOH. Running firmware 1.87. We use both surfaces to make changes on the Mix Engine but FOH1 has the only cue list. FOH role filter is scoped to recall only surface parameters.

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    That’s a difficult one to troubleshoot remotely unless anyone has seen something similar.
    Your best bet would be to open a support ticket and attach show filed from both surfaces.
    The support guys can then load up your show an the same hardware and tell you if it’s a bug or a config issue.


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    Your suggestion to submit a ticket is a good one. I decided to go that route and I did a little more messing around in preparation to do that. In the process I came across some other strange fader behavior – things like, if I moved a fader and then recalled a scene the fader would not snap to the correct location. Sometimes it would move some, sometimes this motion seemed slow.
    I decided to calibrate the faders since I had never done that on this surface. Running the fader motor calibration routine made it seem like my problem fader was slower than the others. Things did not get better so I also ran the Calibrate Fader Alignment routine. After that things seemed really weird. I wondered if I might have not put the faders at the correct places at some of the steps. I ran that again and things seemed normal again.

    Now I cannot reproduce the original problem with the fader jumping down and back up. It just jumps down and stays there. Since I can no longer reproduce the problem, it seems a bit silly to submit a ticket.

    Now my the working hypothesis is this:
    * Fader level (accidentally, erroneously) saved in the scene was -42
    * If the fader was hidden on scene recall, the (virtual) fader stayed put as would be expected.
    * If the fader was NOT hidden (or as soon as it became not hidden), the fader began to move toward the target saved in the scene.
    * Because the fader was not calibrated properly, the motion toward the target value was too slow.
    * The surface interpreted the slow movement as a human overriding the fader position and stopped the fader where it was.

    I’ll check back if the problem shows up again….

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    Probably still worth submitting a ticket with all the info you’ve posted.
    The support guys can dig through the logs and see if there’s anything evident.
    They’re more able to discover things which may be a more fundamental issue (and fix them) if people report problems.

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    Sometimes it’s helpful to link the ticket to this thread… the support is reading/posting here as well…

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