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    As said on another thread I have connected a touchscreen to the dLive. It works, but the touch needs calibration. If a function for this is not already implemented please do so, otherwise an external touchscreen is pretty much useless.
    Another thing that would help a lot if the touch will work in the future (or even without it) would be that the content selection, which is now only available below the “other” option on the “external screen” setup, would always be visible on the external screen, so it can be changed easily without going thru multiple steps to get to the options. The external screen still won’t replace a second internal screen, but it would enhance the use of the screen a lot.
    Furthermore (and this goes for the internal screens as well) it would be nice if values of on screen virtual rotary knobs could be changed by touching the knob and then dragging up and down or left and right (like people are used to from DAW software and basically any touchscreen based device). Could be optional per screen…

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