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    trying to remember the best of the ideas from previous discussions but here is what springs to mind:

    1. the ability to gang different types of fader together for example my config uses a mono aux for sub feeding a mono matrix which has the processing for the sub on it whereas LR feed stereo matrices for the upper and lower speakers. At the moment I can’t gang sub and main together neither with the mono aux:LR nor even for the mono Matrix to the stereo matrices.

    2. the ability to patch an output to an input internally so a group output could feed a channel input. Also the ability to feed a group into FX.

    3. an emulation of an AMS delay type effect would be nice: with 2 x pitch and delay n each side to get that nice thick BGV sound.

    4. an option to not have the 2 page EQ to fader setting but just the 1 if we don’t want the 20 & 25 Hz control.

    5. width and larger frequency range on the de-esser.

    6. Direct out patch point can be DIFFERENT for different channels.

    7. adjustment for thresholds for the RTA so we don’t have to slam the channels to get a decent spectrum. At the moment I actually feed PFL into SMAART and look at it there instead.

    That should do for now.



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    Hi Duncan,

    Instead of ganging your multiple outputs together just put them all on the same DCA. That’s the way I do it and it works like a charm.

    I’d LOVE to be able to send a group to an FX. This is the big reason I don’t bother with groups. I did experiment with routing the groups out of the outputs on my T-112 and looping them back in to the inputs on the T-112. That does work, but it adds latency, and eats up IO needlessly.

    For FX I’d like to get the new goodies that the GLD recently got.

    I totally agree about the de-esser

    The DO pick off point should be selectable per channel. I would seldom use it, but it would be nice to have.

    I do the same thing with my PFL and SMAART. I feed a reference mic and my PFL feed to SMAART. I find the built in RTA rather useless because of the gain issue you described.

    Adding on…
    Scene management needs an overhaul.
    We need more ganging
    I’d like to have GEQ insert-able on IPs
    Fix pre-amp control of the xDR via MixPad (this is my number one issue)
    Add FX controls on the MixPad
    The editor needs an overhaul to work better with touch screens
    I’d love to see the PEQ count go up to 6 and I’d like narrower Q
    Adjustable filter slopes for HPF

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    We make good use of the 16 DCAs for control of the elements of the mix + mute groups so using one just for controlling outputs that should be linked seems a bit of overkill. Having said that, that is what we are currently having to do.

    SMAART, I actually feed ref mic, a mono mix of LR, PAFL and Matrix out which has the speaker processing.

    GEQ on IP has never really been high on my list as often I need to grab frequencies that are not on the ISO frequencies. If we can do repatching internally then maybe we could do DO to input of another channel and get 8 bands of EQ that way.

    thanks for your great ideas. I haven;t really explored the iPad app.

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    I see your point on linking the outputs. With 16 DCAs I’ve always had plenty to burn one for my main outs. I suppose the work around for you is that you could use 2 mono mtx for the L/R or you could run your sub mtx in stereo. I agree though that it would be nice to be able to link stereo and mono faders.

    Feeding 4 sends to SMAART would be really handy. I’m using SMAART 5 though and only have a stereo interface. Someday I’m going to upgrade… someday…

    Of course, it would be really nice if A&H incorporated some of the SMAART functionality into the iLive2.

    GEQs on IP seems archaic I know. However, I do get visiting BEs in who are used to having GEQs or request GEQs be patched to inputs. Also, when doing corporate work with lots of lavs on stage having GEQs would be nice. When it happens now I route them through a group, then return that group (via patch cable) to an IP so it can still be sent to an FX. I don’t like doing it that way. Groups should be assignable to FX and GEQs should be something that I can insert wherever. The easy fix is to add GEQ as an FX type. It would seldom get used, but it seems like it would be an easy feature to add.

    The iPAD app is really great. I use it nearly every show. But it lacks lots of key features for me. I need pre-amp control of my xDR, FX parameters, PAFL selection, softkey emulations, and some basic scene functions (update and recall would do it for me).


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