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    I have a QU 32 with a standard 168 dSnake and a chained extended 16 channel 168 Dsnake. I have successfully patched the initial dSnake both input and output, but am having challenges patching the extended dSnake 16 input channels

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    I’m not 100% certain, but I vaguely remember reading that you cannot link two AB168 Dsnakes. I think you can have one AR84 linked to your initial AB168 though. Perhaps A&H will clarify this?

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    Actually, just read on the A&H site it says you can connect to another AB168 so not sure where I got the above from.

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    it is possible to use 2xAB168 with QU.
    Have you pluged in the Cat5 cables in the stageboxes in a correct way?

    Qu32 (dSnake socket) -> first AB168 (dsnake socket as input) -> first AB168 (expander socket as output) -> second AB168 (dsnake socket ans input)?
    Then you should have on QU32:
    inputchannel 1-16 (first stagebox)
    inputchannel 17-32 (second stagebpox)
    outputs 1-8 (first stagebox)
    outputs 9-16 (second stagebox)

    check the I/O page (tab dSnakeIn and dSnakeOut) if all channels matches.

    Use the Preamp screen Fn key Source page to choose either the local (rear panel) socket or a remote (dSNAKE) socket for each channel source.

    Then it should work properly 🙂

    Best regards,

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    Mike C

    I link my AB168 and AR2412 together from time to time with my QU Pac.
    Before going to the pre amp patching set you need to go to the IO settings
    page and set up the input routing. Box one would be patched 1 to 16 and box two
    patched with the box channel 1 patched to ch.17 on the mixer, 2 to 18 and on down
    the line.

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