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    Hey, hoping someone out there might know the answer to this one. The on-system help isn’t all that informative.

    I’m trying to utilise the ‘Ext Ip To PAFL Source’ option in the ‘PAFL’ section of the console. We’re using an S7000 as a monitor console and have separate Wedge and IEM setup on PAFL (total PAFL setup being 2). In the help section on the console, it indicates that it sends to PAFL 1 & 2. Under PAFL in the I/O screen, the PAFL 1 & 2 outputs aren’t patched anywhere but Wedge and IEM are set accordingly. In setting the ‘Ext Ip Talk to PAFL’ to ON however, it sends the input to both IEM and Wedge… and doesn’t take the mute or faders on those outputs into equation. Ideally, I would love to send the ‘Ext Ip Talk to PAFL’ to my IEM send and not the Wedge.

    Can this be done? Is it a routing thing.. maybe a different way of setting up the PAFL bus?

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi jeremy, the Wedge and IEM outputs are fed by the same bus, PAFL1. They have an independent fader control and mute but they cannot be sourced by different PAFL buses. That explains why the Ext Ip is going to both.
    The dLive Surface can only control one PAFL at a time. The extra PAFL busses are there for other devices such as a laptop or iPad to control their own PAFL bus independently from the Surface.

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    Thanks for the response. Is it right that the Ext Ip is being sent to Wedge even though mute is on and the fader is down? If not… can I make it a feature request please? I have an input I want to be able to monitor at all times but do not want it to be heard by anyone else during an event.. but still need a listen wedge unfortunately.

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