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    Can we add a way to designate channels and auxes as exclusive to a certain role? Real-world example here… I’m getting married on Sunday so I’m on vacation right now getting ready for that. There’s a show this morning though and I texted my boss to ask how soundcheck was going. There was a problem — he couldn’t get the drums turned down in the monitors. Turns out that somehow the FoH drum channels got sent to the wedge auxes. The FoH layout doesn’t have any monitor masters and the monitor layout doesn’t have any FoH channels, so there’s not an easy way to observe (as opposed to deduce) that that’s problem.

    It seems like an easy fix would be to add an option to channels and auxes that make them belong to a certain role and then just disallow routing between mismatching roles. Obviously you don’t necessarily want this on every channel or aux, but that’s why I’m suggesting it be an option.

    Also you’d have to let scenes switch surface roles.

    Anyway, yes, it’s true that if my boss was more familiar with the board and how it’s setup this wouldn’t have been a problem, but 1) he’s not normally a sound guy, and 2) if we’d hired an outside engineer they’d have had the same issue. Seems easier to just give us the tools to make the problem impossible in the first place.

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