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    Did a live multi-track session where I stopped at the end of each song. I let each ‘file close then rearmed then started the next track.
    The odd thing I’m wondering about is in this string of 18 or so on the drive there are two track numbers missing out of the numbered sequence.
    I didn’t notice this until I got them home -and still waiting to confirm from the artist, but so far I don’t think I’m actually missing any songs though.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Mixsit,

    Please start a ticket at support.allen-heath.com for assistance with this.


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    Could someone delete the songs after they were copied to the drive?
    Perhaps copied in error and replaced with correct songs thus causing a gap in numbering?

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    Sorry for such a late turn around on this. I opened a tag and here is the result so far, more details etc.

    QU trouble shooting request
    QU16CX-691830 FW 1.90 Rev 4537
    Ticket ID 11/19/19 #UJA-291-24789
    Troubleshooting a recent Q-Drive multitrack recording.

    A recent otherwise fine live recording resulted in two in the normal numbered sequence of 1– 18 recordings missed. -There were no files #11 and #14. As in those two numbers (or files?) were ‘skipped -or missing. This was with all 1-16 channels plus main Left and Right recorded.

    I am quite sure I confirmed during each recording to verify we were ‘rolling and in record each time prior to their starting of a song, and as well stopping –and allowing time for the mixer to ‘consolidate the new file and be ready before starting the next recording.

    I’ve used the same pair of 32gig SanDisk Extreme USB3 thumb drives several times with zero errors. They are always fresh formatted on the mixer before each use. The only difference I can think of is in this case I have more files than before as I stopped after each song (rather than recording through to the end of a full set of songs.

    Aside from understanding/avoiding and/or remedying this, one aspect I would really like to determine is if this was only a software glitch (in the numbering for example?) –or if I actually did lose two recordings?

    I didn’t notice the discrepancy until I got them home to load them into my DAW several days later. Oddly and unfortunately, querying the band at that point to determine if we had actually missed any songs didn’t help much as they just ‘called the songs in random order during the day rather than following a fixed set’. Worse, one song was thought may have been missed –but not two.

    Thank you for your help in this. Wayne Smith

    “Hi Wayne,
    I’m sorry to hear this.
    I have not had reports of this happening before on Qu, so there is no software issue I’m aware of that could cause this.

    -Something I would suggest looking at is whether there are any hidden files on the drive.
    -Also, do you see all recordings if you load the drive onto the Qu?
    -If not, then the files must be missing for some reason.
    Thanks Alex”
    Response back today..
    -No hidden files are found opening the drive via USB3 port on WIN 10 pc.
    -The same files are missing opening the drive on the mixer.

    New question- It seems all that is left is for me to re-format and do a whole string of test recordings to see if the problem can be duplicated.
    Before I do, is there any possible combination of user error that could cause and help troubleshoot a file being skipped, or recording not ‘registered on a drive?
    Thanks any and all.

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    I’ve encountered this once. The coincidence was that our foh-guy at the time had muted that channel because he didn’t need it volume wise for foh. So from that time on I/we never mute channels we want to be recorded, instead we unassign them…

    That’s all I have, good luck !


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    Thanks. This is a case where two entire recording folders gone (and the multi tracks within.
    Now there is ‘global mute set up -for set breaks on the mixer, but I doubt that happened. I was also doing mains and two monitor mixes at the time.
    Something to check I suppose, what happens if it were engaged during recording?

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    Here is the tech support reply re the same info I posted above.

    “Hi Wayne,

    The Qu-Drive can only begin recording if it is possible to write to the drive as there is no internal storage used for this, so there is no mechanism to allow a recording to take place and not be written to the drive.

    I have seen users only use the Record Arm button and not press the Play/Pause button to start recording, but it doesn’t sound like this is the case here.
    I’m not sure what he is saying in the first paragraph there.

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    It takes a little time to finish writing files once you press stop. Is it possible that you attempted to start the next recording too quickly?

    I’m not sure that would produce the results you describe though…

    On the rare occasions I record to Qu Drive/SQ Drive I just do one long recording, & split it up later in my DAW

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    I think ‘stop and quick restart was one of the things I tried as a test earlier but I’ll give it a go again just for good measure. I thought I was being very diligent in that regard ‘day of -also re-confirming each time we were rolling in record. :>)

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