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    First of all this looks like a very exciting console and I can’t wait to see one in the flesh! I just have a couple of questions as the SQ has got my local church very interested.

    1. In terms of set up is it possible to use 40 channels off of stage boxes and 8 on the surface? (say 3x DX168 on stage – could this be daisy chained or would a DX hub be required). If so what would be the best config of this?

    2. How would I add a ME system to this as I can only see the 1 Slink port on the surface or again is a DX hub required?

    3. Are the 3 stereo inputs and USB playback included in the 48 ch count or are they in addition?

    4. Is there an editor PC app scheduled? Also when is the iPad app due – this is very important

    5. Most importantly what is the expected price point of the SQ6 inparticular?

    6. Finally when is the expected shipping date?


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    1. Nicola explained it in an other post
    only two daisy chained expanders are possible, at this time…
    5. around 3800 €
    6. hopefully end of year

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    Street price SQ6 $3499.00 USD. $3999 retail
    $2799/$2999 for the SQ5

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    Nicola A&H

    2. If running the SLink port at 96kHz for DX connection, you can connect a ME system to an optional, upcoming SLink card for the I/O Port.

    3. Yes, the stereo inputs and USB playback are included in the 48 ch count.

    4. The app is out early December and we will add to its functionality over time including offline scene management and cross-platform compatibility.

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